5 MLB Teams That Look Better on Paper

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Baseball season has begun, and we move from predictions and projections to actual games. We finally have our rosters and lineups, and it’s about time we took a good look at them.

If the first series of the season told us anything, it was to never count anyone out. While it’s not the best idea to form your World Series matchups based on league standings just yet—I don’t really see an Orioles-Mets Fall Classic—we’re able to really see teams for the first time this season.

When you look at some of the lineups, you can usually tell if a team has a good chance of getting to the postseason. Sometimes though, those rosters can be misleading. Whether it was a career year or a return from injury, we look at some lineups and automatically think a player will be great again. A big group of stars may seem to call for an automatic playoff berth. However, more factors go into it, and here we discuss the teams that look better on paper than in the field.

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