Chicago Cubs Lead Off Hitter Nightmare.

Eric Schad Contributor IJanuary 21, 2009

I am waiting for Lou to wake up. Alfonso Soriano is getting paid way too much and in my opinion not living up to his contract. As a lead off hitter, it is the player's job to get on base, not swing at everything the pitcher throws. Not to mention the fact that his speed has dropped ever since becoming a Cub. And do not get me started on his defense.

What I think Lou needs to do is change the lineup. This is what I think it should look like.

1. Ryan Theriot
2. Aaron Miles or Mike Fontenot (if Fontenot is playing I would consider lowering him in the lineup)
3. Derek Lee
4. Aramis Ramirez
5. Milton Bradley
6. Geovany Soto
7. Alfonso Soriano
8. Reed Johnson or Kosuke Fukudome (whichever is playing that day based on the opposing pitcher)
9. The pitcher spot

Some people might think that I am crazy saying that Soriano should hit seventh even though he is making so much money. But I think that there are better lead off hitters on the team. I am not saying that Theriot is a pure lead off man, but I do like his consistent bat and he does not strike out like Soriano. Theriot might not have the speed but Soriano is proving that he is losing it with his age.

I want to see the Cubs be successful and I think that they have a chance (by successful I mean actually winning a game in October).  It is my opinion that Soriano is not even close to living up to his contract but he is still a valuable player. If he starts playing better and his strike out numbers start to go down I could see him getting moved up in the line up but until then he should not lead off. He has great power and it should be showcased by having people on base in front of him.