The BCS... Again

Arthur GastonContributor IJanuary 21, 2009

The BCS is still on everyone's mind.

No one can seem to agree on, should there be, shouldn't there be a playoff?

They say the season is a playoff, well let's make it more of a playoff.

The first few weeks of college football is a joke, teams playing easy games, no name teams.

Let's change it up a little, how about the first part of the season start with conference play instead.   Play the conference then a conference playoff, top four teams move on.  (The rest can finish the last couple weeks playing for the last spots in the conference.)

Take those top four teams and play the other top four teams from other conferences.

I think it would draw a little bit more demand for watching college football earlier in the season an stay strong all the way to the end.

I cannot grasp the concept of teams being off for two-four weeks during the holidays to play one game that they are not even the same team. 

Granted there are going to be some conferences that should only alloy just two teams, or teams like Notre Dame that don't have a conferences, but there use to playing in this format.

This format should give teams like Utah a real fighting chance. I'm not a fan of Utah, but I think they earned the right to play Florida for a true national championship.