Surgery Tomorrow for Danny Briere, Out Two Weeks Minimum

Chris DiFrancescoAnalyst IJanuary 21, 2009

It looks as if whatever Daniel Briere says about how his groin ends up being false. I reported twice in two different articles that Briere said he was ready for two different dates and both were pushed back due to his nagging groin.

Now, I am safely reporting that Danny Briere will be going under the knife tomorrow for exploratory surgery on his groin and will miss two weeks at least. Flyers GM Paul Holmgren announced today the situation.

"Due to lingering discomfort in his groin/stomach areas, Danny will have an exploratory surgical procedure done tomorrow by Dr. William Meyers (at Hahnemann University Hospital)," said Holmgren.

"Recovery time will be a minimum of two weeks,” added Holmgren during the announcement.

This is news that was unexpected to Briere, the fans, and the Flyers organization. I was not at all surprised. After playing over 20 minutes in both his second and third game with the Phantoms and not being able to play yet was worry some. I thought and so did others within the media that something wasn't right.

Obviously our thoughts were correct. The Flyers were getting set to discuss and outline what they were going to do to make room for Briere's salary, the team can now breathe for a few weeks.

At this point this season has summed up to be a lost one for Briere who has only played in nine games this season and has missed 30 of the last 31.

“I am very disappointed,” said Briere. “It’s been frustrating not knowing what is going on, so we have decided to go in and check things out.”

The Flyers will now have some wiggle room for the time being and at this point in the season the team is already used to playing without Briere and the club should shut him down until the playoffs.