Matt Barnes: Eli, Antonio, Ahmad, etc...Not Just Plax Killed the NY Giants

bob mantzSenior Writer IJanuary 20, 2009


Alcohol is enough to reduce muscle strength for up 60 hours. "If you're there to perform, you shouldn't be drinking alcohol," said Matt Barnes, author of the study.

"That's two mornings and three mornings later," Barnes said. "With the alcohol the loss of muscle performance was far greater - nearly twice as much. Normally you would expect to see weakness or loss in performance after strenuous exercise but the alcohol really exacerbated that.

"This shows that if you drink even moderate levels of alcohol after you use your muscles strenuously you are impairing your ability to recover and I would say if you are serious about your sport, you shouldn't be drinking alcohol in the post-match or recovery period."

Uh uh.

Eli Manning wasted.

Antonio Pierce Partying.

Ahmad Bradshaw with Plax.

New Kerala...Alcohol retards athletic performance, says study.