NCAA Football Playoff System

taylor eubanksContributor IJanuary 21, 2009

People have been arguing for a long time now whether or not Division I college football should have a playoff system.  Well I say yes.  I think that there should be a 32-team playoff.  Hey you could still get to use the BCS rankings for seeding the teams.  The higher seed would be the home team.  I say the National Championship Game should take place at a different BCS bowl game every year.

There are many reasons why I feel that there should be a playoff system.  Here are the reasons.

1.)  I think a playoff would allow more teams who don't play each other often to get to play each other.

2.)  It would help determine a more accurate champion.

3.)  It would let more than two teams to be in the picture for the chance of going to the National Championship.

4.)  I also believe that a playoff would give the fans and teams something new to look foward to.

I also feel they should have four different regions for the teams like the west, south, north, and east.  If this happened it would not give the visiting team the total home disadvantage.  The reason is because then the fans for the visiting team wouldn't have to travel as far so more of that team's fans would come.  This would make the fan base more equal.

Hope you like my ideas.  Leave comments on your ideas and what you think about my ideas.

Taylor Eubanks