Jose Mourinho's Japanese Loophole?

Michael WaddingtonCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2008

Former Japanese international Hidetoshi Nakata invited ex-Chelsea manager and self-proclaimed 'Special One' Jose Mourinho to manage a Japanese side at a special tournament to be held in Nippon.

The Tournament, to be played in the summer, is to raise awareness of environmental issues such as the destruction of rain forests for paper and Co2 emissions. Nakata would like Mourinho to take up the job of managing a team in Yokohama on June 7.

This news isn't particularly interesting until you look at the broader picture. During the fallout when Chelsea and Mourinho parted ways, Mourinho agreed to a clause suggesting his next job could not be in England. His NEXT job. There is a whisper suggesting Mourinho may try to use this 'friendly' match in Japan as a loophole to his Chelsea clause.

Mourinho has never made any secret of his love of English football, nor has he hidden his desire to one day manage Liverpool. Reports soon after his Chelsea departure claim he offered his services to Liverpool's co-owner George Gillet and Tom Hicks. With Rafa Benitez's job at Liverpool STILL speculated over daily, could Mourinho be the man the Americans want in their hot seat?

As a Liverpool fan, I love Rafael Benitez—he won us the European Cup in Istanbul, and we can never forget that. I also think it is ridiculous that people still associate spending money with instant success. Rafa has given us the European Cup, he has given us the FA Cup, he has given us Fernando Torres, he even gave us God back. But personally, I think if he was to ever leave Liverpool there is only one man who could fill the boots, and his name is Jose Mourinho.

Conspiracy theory? Probably! Though it might just be worth keeping an eye on these developments.