Michigan Wolverines Football News: January 21, 2009

Brendan GillespieCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2009

Sorry it's been so long since I released a newsletter!  You may find some old articles as I'm doing some serious catching up.  Expect more newsletters in the future, along with more recruiting news for 2009. 

I can't believe I haven't paid attention for so long... so much has happened.  One could say I'm not a true fan because I stopped reading after the end of the season... Well, I'm here to say I'm still here.  Just needed a little break after that season!

A tale of two tailgates


2009 Michigan Wolverines Football Schedule


Presenting your 2008 NFL Turkeys of the Year...


[Football in Michigan is a mutant three headed turkey this year. Detroit Lion fans are suffering severe indigestion. Usually when the Lions were down, football fans could reliably turn to the Michigan Wolverines.

The Wolverines picked Rich Rodriguez to modernize their football program and we knew it would take more than a season. But 3-9? Tell me again what was so wrong with Lloyd Carr?

The Michigan State Spartans ceased to be a football power when Nick Saban left. Though the Spartans are moving in the right direction under Mark Dantonio, MSU lost to Ohio State and Penn State by the combined score of 94-25. Thank goodness for Grand Valley State (11-0).]

Can Michigan Go 9-3 in 2009? It's Not a Dream—It's a Possibility (Part I)


Can Michigan Go 9-3 In 2009? It's Not a Dream, It's a Possibility (Part II)


Grades: Michigan Gets Pounded By Ohio State For Fifth Straight Year


Michigan’s Rodriguez: “You were serious about how much you want to beat Ohio State?”


[COLUMBUS, OH — Shortly following a 42-7 drubbing at the hands of the Ohio State University, University of Michigan Wolverines head coach Rich Rodriguez was stunned at the angry reaction of his team’s fans.

“Wait, you were serious with all this talk about this being the biggest rivalry we have?” Rodriguez asked. “Seriously? Ohio State? I gotta be honest, this whole time, I thought you were just messing around.”]


Former Wolverine Desmond Howard Compares Michigan to a Division II Program


ESPN Analysts Not Shy When It Comes To Piling On Michigan


[Desmond Howard- "That would be the popular thinking after watching them lose eight games this season, and the way they've lost some of those games. I made a comment (Sunday) on our show that it's not like they were trying to learn a spread offense (as much as) like they were trying to learn how to play football in some of those games, they looked so bad. This isn't Michigan, this is like Michigan Tech."]

Rodriguez needs to embrace U-M, OSU football rivalry


Fight global warming -- and stop a buckeye invasion


["Projections in a scientific study published last year in BioScience magazine indicate that the growing ranges for many plants, including the Ohio buckeye, could shift because suitable habitat will likely be reduced in the buckeye's home range while more will be created in northern regions. In plain English, this means growing conditions for the buckeye could not only get worse in Ohio, but more favorable in northern states such as Michigan!"]

Old, but definitely worth checking out for the pictures!!

College Football Week Fourteen Preview: Cheerleader Edition


Post Thanksgiving mortem


Michigan Wolverines' End of Season Grades and Awards


[Final Grade and Awards:

I can't judge RichRod after one season and be able to justify firing him.  It's one year and those out there screaming this are insane.  My big hope is that this season rooted out some bandwagon/fair-weather Michigan fans. 

Was it a bad season?  Without a doubt.  Was it the worst ever?  Possibly.  Is Michigan as bad as Notre Dame was last year?  No.  Michigan will turn around and be back on top of the Big Ten where it belongs.  This season was a massive disappointment but things will only get better and these young guys learned a valuable lesson.

Final Grade for 2008 Season: D

Team MVP: Brandon Graham

Comeback Player: Carlos Brown

Leadership Award: Brandon Minor

Freshman of the Year: Sam McGuffie

Most Improved: Jonas Mouton

Most Likely to be Killed by Barwis: Stevie Brown]

Just Saying, Is All... | In Defense of Rich Rodriguez


Rodriguez says some college football fans need to get a perspective on life


Take a knee? In BCS title hunt, it's go for throat


Tailback McGuffie leaves Michigan


McGuffie does what's best for him ... leaving Michigan


TheWolverine.com - McGuffie receives his release


One and done for Michigan defensive coordinator Shafer


Shafer says he's responsible for 'demise' of U-M football program


TheWolverine.com - Defensive coordinator Scott Shafer Resigns


Shafer out as Michigan's defensive coordinator


Lion fans have right to cheer for 0-16 season


Michigan: The Post-Mort



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