IMPACT 4/26: Open Fight Night, Gut Check, Bischoff's "Crappy" Send off

Charlie GSenior Writer IApril 27, 2012

Last night IMPACT Wrestling debuted its latest idea: Open Fight Night.

It was also the televised debut of TNA's Gut Check. Current TNA wrestler Crimson got his start courtesy of Gut Check.

Well, both of those are the main reason as to why I've comeback to write a full review and put in all my thoughts! Great, right?

Welcome to OFN!

General Manager Hulk Hogan welcomes the champs to Open Fight Night. He gives a break down of the concept: You get called out by anyone, you must fight. 

Hogan also told Joe and Magnus to get ready. They're putting the belts up for grabs. Hulkamania will find these guys their opponents later.

Devon wasn't there because he has to defend his belt every week. That segment with Hogan was no news to him, for those wondering where he was.

As for ODB and EY, who really knows? Haha, it's ODB and fricken' Eric Young!

Television Championship

Bully Ray vs. Devon

Television Champion Devon came out to set the stage for OFN. He's calling out his sorry excuse of a brother, Bubba. Yes, he called him Bubba. (Seems like a long time since Bully Ray was referred to as Bubba, right?)

Bully Ray isn't happy...despite the fact he's getting a title match handed to him. He's not happy.

Bully Ray comes out, mic in hand and cuts into Devon. Saying Devon is only a star because Bully carried him for 15 years. Devon is no good, he had to be carried throughout his career, and he quit the Team 3D diet

Bully breaks the first two rules of Open Fight Night by rejecting a challenger.

(Hogan voice)

Rule one of OFN: You MUST fight, brother!

Rule two of OFN: You MUST fight, BROTHER!!!

Rule three of OFN: There are no rules...

Bully tried to walk out on Devon's challenge, but to no avail. Devon was able to pull the Bully back, and we got our first of two title matches of the night.

A nice, physical match goes down between these heavyweights. The TV title hasn't looked this cool since AJ Styles was champion.

Devon would lay the Bully out in the end with a big-time spinebuster.

Winner: Still Champion, Devon

Entertaining matchup. I hope to see a possible feud between these two over that red strap Devon carries on his shoulder.


A Double, Ric Flair & Angle Backstage

Right after the TV title match, we're backstage with X Division Champion, Austin Aries. He says that OFN has just begun, and maybe he'll get his hands on Bully Ray after all.

Then we cut to the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Flair talks about his appreciation party for Eric Bischoff and mentions how he hasn't slept since he was 20 years old. Life of the Nature Boy, everyone. Party all day, no sleep.

Kurt Angle is in his locker room when Mr. Clean and The Walking Dead's Shane walks in. Wait, it's Daniels and Kazarian. That's even better! They ask Kurt if they liked how he beat AJ last week.

Kurt didn't want or need any help in beating AJ and warns them about interfering in any of his matches from here on. Kurt heads out but comes back after Daniels calls him an ungrateful ass under his breath.

Daniels fakes a phone call to avoid fighting with Angle. Good stuff, Daniels.

JB: Jeremy Borash? No, Just Badass!

TNA announcer Jeremy Borash comes to the ring...

Since it's OFN he wants to fight the "biggest pr*ck in TNA" Eric Bischoff! JB cuts into Bischoff about real-life issues they had. (Bischoff's drunk tweets and Facebook posts degrading JB.)

Bischoff comes out and JB continues pushing towards a fight. Who would've thought JB was such a badass?

Just when a fight is about to start, Bully Ray low blows Borash. Bischoff gets the pin and wins. Yes, Bully Ray had to use a low blow to take down 100 lb Borash.

Anarquia vs. Kurt Angle

Mexican America is in the ring, and Anarquia is complaining about not being considered for a tag title match on IMPACT. He claims they're too good, and nobody can beat them. 

That brings out Kurt Angle.

Angle makes quick work of Anarquia. Finishing him off with an Ankle Lock.

Wow, I really thought Anarquia had this one...

Winner: Kurt F'n Angle!

Gut Check

Here we go.

Any wrestler that's not under an IMPACT contract is allowed to come onto the show and showcase their skill. The ultimate goal is to leave enough of an impression so that you earn an IMPACT Wrestling contract.

Who is the first ever wrestler in the televised Gut Check? OVW's Alex Silva. Who's that, you ask?

Only the youngest Television Champion in the history of Ohio Valley Wrestling. The same place that John Cena, CM Punk, Batista and many more got their start. Silva is only 22 and is a two-time TV Champion in OVW.

We get a nice video package of Silva introducing himself and we're off.

Gut Check: Alex Silva vs. Robbie E

Silva makes his way to the ring accompanied by Al Snow.

Snow reveals himself as a judge in Gut Check and joins Taz on commentary for this match. Yeah, Tenay just up and left I guess, haha.

Silva's opponent is former X Division and Television Champion, one of your favorites and one of mine, Robbie E.

What? Robbie's entertaining...

The match was a bit short, but both guys got in a good amount of offense. Robbie ended up winning with a DDT. (That's about his fourth new finishing move. From cutter to fist-pumping neckbreaker, then a Code Breaker.)

Winner: Robbie E

Gut Check isn't about defeating your opponent, however. It's based solely on performance. Fans can decide Silva's fate on Twitter using #GutCheck. Should Silva get a contract? Tweet about it. Seriously, tweet.

Decisions, Decisions...

Turns out Hulk Hogan does have an office after all...That's good to know. Now, he doesn't need to get to the ring to accomplish managerial decisions. Sting didn't have an office...

Four tag teams are in Hogan's office.

Daniels & Kazarian, Motorcity Machine Guns, Charismatic A-holes and EY & ODB.

Hogan gives them some time to state their case. Why should they get a title match?

Daniels says the Guns lost at Lockdown and don't deserve a second chance. Hardy and Anderson don't even like each other and ODB and EY? One's a man and one has a bad beard! Daniels is awesome...

The Guns say they've been around the longest and want another shot. Hogan tells Hardy and Anderson to play nice together and then asks EY and ODB.

Eric Young says they're the only married couple in the room, which should help. Eric also offers ODB to Hogan if they get the match.

Hogan sends MCMG out because their loss at Lockdown and Sabin's knee is still not 100 percent.

To be continued!

Brooke Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim

After pinning Gail last week, Brooke wants to prove she's no fluke. She challenges Gail Kim there on the spot.

Some good Knockouts action here and some hard-hitting moves. At one point, Gail slammed Tessmacher's face and chest first hard on the mat.

I bet you didn't know Brooke once had a broken jaw. Yeah, before her wrestling career started in TNA. And she still looks hot! You learn something new everyday. Brooke once broke her jaw. Ow.

Brooke avoided a missile dropkick from the champ and laid her out with a nice suplex to, once again, get an upset over Gail Kim

Winner: Brooke Tessmacher

Brooke Tessmacher could be the next face of the Knockouts division. She's got it all. Look, skill, popularity, et cetera.

I have a feeling this isn't the last we'll see between these ladies (Sacrifice).

We get a nice video package hyping up the match between RVD and Bobby Roode at Sacrifice. Van Dam cannot get over the fact that he lost the title.

Hey, Rob Van Dam, you had a rematch at Lockdown and Sacrifice last year. You lost! Get over yourself! This might just be me, but did RVD sound like the heel in that video shown? Seemed awfully arrogant for a face...

Gut Check and Tag Title Match Updates

Alex Silva is backstage with Al Snow. 

Snow tells Silva that they'll be back next week to see what the fans had to say. Will Silva get an IMPACT contract? We'll see next week. (Vote on Twitter using #GutCheck!).

World Champion, Bobby Roode walks in. No need for an intro, he's World Champ and Silva damn sure knows that. Roode gives a brief history of how he broke into the business, then sucker punches the rookie right in the stomach.

Roode says he needs to keep Silva on his toes at all times and walks out.

We're now down to Daniels & Kazarian, Charismatic A-holes and EY & ODB. Eric's pants are missing and that's enough of a reason for Hogan to kick him out.

No title match for EY and ODB. Hogan tells them to do something productive. Anything but reproduce, haha.

Hogan will decide the challengers in the ring soon.

Tag Team Championships

Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Charismatic A-holes

Hogan, for some reason, goes with Hardy and Anderson. Daniels and Kazarian obviously aren't happy with that pick.

The champions and challengers go back and forth in a well-executed tag team match. Hardy and Anderson don't exactly get along all too well, but that's expected.

Anderson got Joe in a roll-up pin which Joe reversed into a rear naked choke. Magnus was able to fend Hardy off as Anderson tapped out.

Winners: Still Champions, Samoa Joe and Magnus

Nice match-up and the issues between Anderson and Hardy was interesting. Will they continue as this makeshift team? Or eventually feud?

As the champs were leaving, Daniels and Kazarian (My new favorite tag team) attacked. They left the champions laid out on the entrance ramp, and you can bet we'll see a match between them at Sacrifice.

Eric Bischoff's Appreciation Party

Ric Flair, Bully Ray, Gunner, Daniels and Kazarian hit the ring. There's a big picture of Bischoff, a throne, and a red carpet.

Ric would like to welcome Eric Bischoff. Boos come from the crowd, of course.

Bully Ray, Ric Flair and Gunner praise and thank Eric for all he's done. Bully goes as far as saying that Bischoff is the wind beneath his wings, haha.

The guys present Eric with a new Rolex watch for all he's done. Flair asks if anyone else wants to say anything...enter Garett Bischoff.

Garett is with the Motorcity Machine Guns, JB, Austin Aries and Bob Van Dam. Garett and JB announce that they all chipped in and got Eric a gift.

"Football has the Hall of Fame. The Dallas Cowboys have the Ring of Honor. Tonight, we would like to induct you as the very first person in the 'TNA Shed of Shame!'"

A port-o-potty is wheeled out from the crowd and Eric is pissed. A fight breaks out!

Garett and JB avoid the heels and make a bee-line towards Eric Bischoff! Garett grabs him and JB leads them towards the crapper.

They toss Eric in, chain the port-o-potty shut and push it over! What a crappy send-off for Eric Bischoff, right? NO! That was great!

They unchain the potty, and Bischoff appears covered in, well, what you would imagine inside of a toilet. Goodbye, Eric Bischoff!


  • Hogan explaining the Open Fight Night concept. It seemed confusing at first, but his explanation helped.
  • Bully Ray vs. Devon for the Television Championship. I don't think I've seen a better match contested for the TV title in, about, a year-and-a-half if not more! Good match between these two.
  • JB bringing real personal issues into the ring and making an entertaining promo about who Eric Bischoff really is! JB was awesome.
  • Gut Check. This seems like a really great way to expose new talent, possibly sign them to a contract and utilize a good relationship with Ohio Valley Wrestling.
  • Just the chemistry backstage in Hogan's office was great. Daniels, Kazarian, Eric Young and even Hulk Hogan was funny.
  • Tessmacher vs. Kim was some of the best Knockouts action we've seen in weeks.
  • Joe & Magnus vs. Anderson & Hardy. The match was good, but the fact that Kaz & Daniels laid out the champs afterward made it that much better.
  • Eric Bischoff being thrown in a port-o-potty and covered in crap. Best part of that segment.
  • Really, really good episode. Overall, I'd say OFN is a great success!


  • Anarquia on the mic. Apparently, his profile was removed from TNA's website. Hopefully, he's gone from TNA because he had nothing to offer anyway.
  • The Gut Check match should've been longer. Silva didn't get that much time to showcase his skill.
  • That's about it, in my opinion.


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