2012 NFL Draft: 5 Quarterbacks the Green Bay Packers Should Target

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIApril 11, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: 5 Quarterbacks the Green Bay Packers Should Target

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    Few teams, if any, in the NFL are as good at developing quarterbacks as the Green Bay Packers. Just look at players like Matt Hasselbeck, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn to see what I'm talking about.

    However, with the loss of Flynn to the Seattle Seahawks via free agency, Green Bay will likely be looking for a quarterback to develop in the later rounds of the 2012 NFL draft.

    Here are five quarterbacks they should consider targeting.

Russell Wilson, Wisconsin

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    In order for the Green Bay Packers to draft Russell Wilson, they'd probably have to spend a higher draft pick than they'd like. Wilson could be drafted as early as the fourth round in this year's draft.

    However, of all the quarterbacks that Green Bay should target, Wilson is the most NFL-ready. His size is his biggest cause for concern, but considering his success at the University of Wisconsin behind a group of mammoth linemen, Wilson has shown to be able to succeed.

    What could really make the Packers use a higher draft pick than they may want to on Wilson is his athleticism. He has the ability to make plays all over the field with either his arm or legs, and that is something that the Packers could really find valuable.

    While drafting Wilson is still unlikely, it certainly wouldn't be a hated pick to grab such a talented quarterback earlier in the draft.

Ryan Lindley, San Diego State

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    There is a lot to like about Ryan Lindley as a late-round developmental pick.

    For starters, Lindley has the ability to make all the throws with accuracy in the NFL. He has great arm strength and can fit the football into tight windows.

    On top of that, Lindley's size is ideal and when you add that to his overall athleticism and production, you have a good looking quarterback prospect.

    Where Lindley will need to improve is in his throwing technique and footwork. These are two things that really separate quality quarterbacks from quarterbacks that struggle in the NFL, and Lindley needs to put in the work to improve them.

    With that said, there wouldn't be a better place for Lindley to go to develop his talents for the NFL game.

Chandler Harnish, Northern Illinois

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    If there is one word to describe Chandler Harnish, it would have to be winner. This is a kid who proved throughout his college career that he will do whatever it takes to win games.

    He's got great mobility with the ability to pick up chunks of yards on the ground. He has plus vision with the ability to make both initial and secondary reads.

    His arm is only average, and his level of competition hasn't shown that he is capable of playing against the best of the best. He'll also need to improve his footwork inside the pocket to get the velocity on his throws needed in the NFL.

    While there is definitely major room for improvement in Harnish's game, his mental makeup is exactly what the Green Bay Packers love in a quarterback.

John Brantley, Florida

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    No college quarterback has ever faced a tougher situation than the one John Brantley faced when forced to replace Tim Tebow at the University of Florida. The fact that he faced the situation head-on goes to show the type of player that Brantley is.

    He's got an impressive arm with the ability to make all the throws in the NFL. His most impressive trait, however, may be how calm and poised he looks in the pocket. He's able to make small moves inside the pocket when under pressure, much like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady do.

    The biggest knock on Brantley is his lack of elite vision. He'll often lock into a receiver or struggle to throw the ball when he knows he should. Basically, he has a big issue with trusting his vision.

    Given time, Brantley could turn into a similar player like Matt Flynn for the Green Bay Packers.

Aaron Corp, Richmond

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    Let me start by saying that of all the late-round quarterbacks likely available to the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Corp is by far my favorite prospect.

    At 6'4", he has the ideal size you want in a quarterback. He doesn't possess the strongest arm by any means, but he shows great velocity on his balls and can reach the second level with his throws.

    Corp also looks natural when asked to move outside the pocket and throw the ball. In fact, he actually appears to be able to put a little more zip on the ball when on the move.

    Had Corp stayed at USC instead of transferring to Richmond, he would have likely been hearing his name called much earlier in the draft. However, the playing time he saw at Richmond will absolutely be valuable moving forward if the Packers select him late in the draft.