DeSean Jackson: Why the Philadelphia Eagles WR Will Bounce Back in 2012

Breana Pitts@@BreanaPittsContributor IIIApril 9, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 09:  DeSean Jackson #10 of the Philadelphia Eagles takes the field before playing against the Green Bay Packers in the 2011 NFC wild card playoff game at Lincoln Financial Field on January 9, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Getty Images

Is $51 million enough to bring DeSean Jackson back to life? I think so.

After a disappointing 2011 season, the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver inked a five-year contract worth $51 million in March. The contract will be enough of a motivation for Jackson to not only bounce back, but be better than before.

Jackson's subpar 2011 season is not attributed to him not being capable of producing. He had a disappointing season because he did not want to produce.

Jackson even said his top priority was to stay healthy to obtain a new contract, not winning games. It may be an immature way of thinking, but now that he has his new deal, he will show the Eagles why they made the right decision.

There is a significant drop in Jackson's stats from 2010 to 2011. His receiving yards per reception fell from 22.5 to 16.6. He only gained 41 rushing yards in 2011, compared to 104 in 2010. His punt-return yardage was cut in half at 114, down from 231in 2010.

While it is clear that Jackson's poor attitude about his lack of a new contract negatively affected his game, he and the team started to build a momentum toward the end of the season. His final four games were decent, with 15 catches for 263 yards and two touchdowns.

The Eagles closed out the season with four straight wins to finish 8-8 and had the best divisional record in the NFC East with 5-1 despite just missing the postseason.

After a disappointing 2011 season, the Eagles have tons of momentum and motivation leading into the 2012 season. Jackson's attitude problems and team commitment issues will be left in the past as he attempts to keep his Super Bowl guarantee to Philadelphia fans.

Last season was a wake-up for Jackson, even though he didn't realize that until the end of the season. He apologized for being a distraction to the team, saying "it's not how you start. It's how you finish."

At 25 years old, Jackson is still young and learning how to be a professional. While his actions the first half of last season were unfortunate, he showed great improvement in his character and game in the second half.

With the Eagles organization in his corner, Jackson will bounce back to the dynamic wide receiver we've seen in previous seasons.