Big Ten Football Morning Coffee: Northwestern Linemen + Jugs Machine = Hilarity

Adam JacobiBig Ten Football Lead WriterApril 9, 2012

These guys, capable of scoring on any play? It's coming, says Jack Mewhort (No. 74).
These guys, capable of scoring on any play? It's coming, says Jack Mewhort (No. 74).Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Rise and shine, friends. Here's what's going down in the Big Ten today.

Words can't do this justice, so I'll make it as short as possible: Northwestern linemen, fielding punts from a jugs machine. What ensues is both hilarious and epic, and if you're not choosing sides by halfway through, something might be wrong with you. Enjoy. 

The Buckeyes are starting to learn the potency of the Urban Meyer spread offense. Jack Mewhort told the Columbus Dispatch that OSU can "score on any play" in the spread, so really, anything short of six points on a drive is a massive disappointment. It'll be interesting to see just how much Meyer opens up that spread for fans at the Buckeyes' spring game on April 21.

Nebraska's fans found some alternate uniform ideas on the Internet late last week, and by Nebraska fans we're really talking ALL the Nebraska fans, per's Sam McKewon. The designer, Kevin Sollars, isn't affiliated with anybody and just makes his own mockups for fun, but giving Nebraska fans an idea of what gold helmets and black jerseys would do for the program is a great way to get a ton of attention.

Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges says the receivers are practicing much better than last year, which he called a "carnival of missed assignments." Worst. Carnival. Ever. Also, Borges added more praise for Jerald Robinson, who seems like a mortal lock to be the third starting wideout.

PSU center Matt Stankiewitch says the Nittany Lions offense is finally more complex, and says the Paterno playbook was "kind of simple." He says "kind of," because while the actual number of plays were limited, the actual names of them were along the lines of "hey, just go out there and knock someone in the dirt, would ya?" or "just get the dang guy the ball, all right here we go." And it worked, damn it.