Randy Orton Comments on Being Pulled From 'Marine 3' Film

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IApril 9, 2012

Photo: fitnessanddefense.com
Photo: fitnessanddefense.com

A few days ago it was reported that WWE superstar Randy Orton was pulled from the upcoming film Marine 3, due to Orton’s less than stellar military record of service.

While Orton was a member of the United States Marine Corps in Pendelton, Calif., he went AWOL (absent without leave) from his unit for three months.

In addition to the desertion charge, he was also charged with disobeying a superior commissioned officer and spent 38 days in a military prison.

After the massive backlash Randy Orton and the WWE received regarding this situation, he has decided to speak about it.

On his official Twitter account, Orton made the following comment:


@crazyabbi I respect our military. That's why I've gone to Iraq or Afghan 3 times and met thousands of soldiers. Funny that's not mentioned.

— Randy Orton (@RandyOrton) April 7, 2012


Orton is understandably upset, after being removed from a film that may have launched a whole new chapter in his career, in addition to being a professional wrestler.

But considering the sensitive nature regarding the information about Orton’s past military service, he must have known that eventually his military record would have gone public.

A member of Orton’s former marine unit came forward and spoke to the media regarding Orton’s role in the film, and when the WWE caught wind of this new information they immediately pulled Orton from the film.

The WWE received a lot of negative criticism from the military community regarding Orton’s portrayal of a member of the Marine Corps for the film, but that same community seemed to be pleased when he was removed from it.

Orton will no doubt have other opportunities for movies in the near future, but for now he will have to sit this one out.


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