15 Most Ridiculous Fly-Ball FAILS in MLB History

Dan Tylicki@DanTylickiAnalyst IApril 11, 2012

15 Most Ridiculous Fly-Ball FAILS in MLB History

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    Sometimes the best videos to watch of baseball plays are not the amazing catches or even the iconic plays, as enjoyable as those would be to watch.

    Instead, sometimes it's best to just watch the blunders players made on a fly ball, whether it's failing to see the dugout or another player. When it's ridiculous enough, such as actually breaking an outfield wall, then it's something people remember.

    Here are 15 such fails; anything involving serious injuries will not be on this list.

15. Torii Hunter Leaps into Stands, Sans Baseball

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    In a 2011 game between the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Robinson Cano hit a deep fly ball that looked to be a home run.

    Torii Hunter went to make the catch and dove into the stands. Thing is, he wasn't that close to the ball, and all he ended up doing was tackling a Yankee fan. At 36, I'm sure the Angels are simply happy he can still make dives like that.

14. Just Let Brandon Phillips Get the Ball

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    Sometimes it can be hard to avoid an outfield collision. It's why you always have to keep an eye out for teammates, as outfielder Drew Stubbs now knows.

    In an August 2011 game, Brandon Phillips ran back into the outfield to catch a foul ball. He did so, but Drew Stubbs slid right into him, causing Phillips to drop the ball and leave the game.

    Phillips clearly had the ball since Stubbs would have had to dive to get it, so I'm not sure why he kept running.

13. Eric Patterson Trips on Pants

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    I was tempted to leave this off given that he actually made the catch, but given how it looked, it was still rather hilarious.

    In a 2010 game pitting the Oakland Athletics against the Minnesota Twins, a routine fly ball was hit to left field. It goes right in Patterson's glove, but he falls in the process. Right after, he rolls up his pant legs, and the instant reply does show that he in fact tripped over his own pants.

12. Torii Hunter Loses Ball in Sun

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    Torii Hunter was a perennial Gold Glove winner, yet this is already his second appearance on this list. Sometimes that's just how things fall.

    In the bottom of the ninth in a tie game pitting the Mariners against the Angels, Carlos Peguero hit a routine fly ball to center field. Hunter lost the ball in the sun, leading the Mariners to a win.

11. Nyjer Morgan Runs into Wall

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    Since joining the Milwaukee Brewers, Nyjer Morgan has emerged as a tough center fielder and a fan favorite. He still has the occasional fail though.

    In a game against the New York Yankees, a deep fly ball was hit to the warning track, and Morgan gave chase. He missed it, yet his momentum carried him right into the wall. He shrugged it off, but it did look rather silly.

10. Luis Castillo Costs Mets Subway Series Win

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    Even if the Mets or Yankees are doing poorly at a given time, the Subway Series is a big deal. Such was the case in June 2009 when the two squared off.

    On June 12, the Mets appeared to have the game won when Alex Rodriguez came up to bat. He hit a routine pop fly to second baseman Luis Castillo, who dropped it and fell to the ground. The Yankees on base came home, and they won the game.

    After that game, Castillo hit .316 the rest of the season, so he at least tried to make up for it, even if he did have a bad 2010, which led to his release and retirement.

9. Manny Ramirez Catches Line-Drive Throw

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    Manny being Manny was one of the biggest pieces of the Boston Red Sox in the mid-2000s, as was the emergence of Johnny Damon alongside him.

    It was that tandem that gave us a huge fail. In a game against the Baltimore Orioles, a deep fly ball was hit to center, and Johnny Damon grossly misplayed it. It was bad, yet led to the reason it gets on the list.

    Damon tried to get the ball back quickly, but in throwing it, Manny Ramirez made a great diving catch, or it would have been great had it not allowed more runners to score and been an incredibly stupid mental decision.

8. Why Golf Carts Aren't Used on the Field

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    Absolutely nothing went right with Freddy Garcia's 2007 stint with the Philadelphia Phillies. He pitched poorly in 11 starts during the season, plus he had one of the strangest pregame fails in baseball.

    While preparing for a game in May, Garcia ran to the outfield to catch a fly ball when a maintenance cart stopped on the warning track. He ended up running right into it, injuring his shin.

    If it was a game it would be a different story, but in pregame warmups there was no need to overplay it. Then again, there was no reason for the cart to park right there either.

7. Jeffrey Maier Interferes in Playoff Game

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    We all remember the 1996 ALCS. The Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees squared off, and in the eighth inning, Derek Jeter hit a shot that changed everything.

    The ball was hit to deep right field, and Tony Tarasco went to catch it. It was instead picked up by Jeffrey Maier. Despite the clear fan interference, it was ruled a home run, and the Yankees won the game in extra innings.

    The history of that play, and the play itself, is available here.

6. The Steve Bartman Incident

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    Jeffrey Maier's catch at least helped the team he was a fan of. Steve Bartman, on the other hand, cost the Cubs an out and perhaps more with his catch.

    In Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS, Moises Alou ran to catch a foul ball, but Bartman caught it. While the fan interference was a bit borderline, Alou certainly would have caught it had the hands not been there.

    The manhunt to out him and the Cubs' subsequent collapse add a lot of fuel to this fire, and was indeed ridiculous.

5. Butch Huskey Forgets There's a Wall in the Outfield

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    There are two interesting facts about Butch Huskey. First, he is one of the players that was grandfathered into wearing number 42 after baseball retired it. Second, he had this great fail.

    On July 24, 1999 in a game featuring the Seattle Mariners, Minnesota Twins and futuristic uniform day, a deep fly ball was hit that ended up being a home run. Thinking he could get to it, Huskey continued running until he crashed right into the wall.

    It was Huskey's last game as a Mariner. He recovered from the injury just fine, but was traded to the Boston Red Sox a couple days later.

4. Mo Vaughn Falls into Dugout

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    Now here's one that I'm shocked that I could not find a clip of, given the player involved and its rather recent nature. Despite the lack of video, it's definitely worthy of inclusion.

    In his first game with the Anaheim Angels against the Cleveland Indians, Mo Vaughn ran to the first base dugout to catch a pop fly by Omar Vizquel. He ended up falling right in the dugout and missing some time to injury.

    I think it was then that the Angels knew they signed a bust.

3. Jhonny Peralta's Inside-the-Park Home Run

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    Both Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians fans will tell you that Jhonny Peralta is far from the fastest guy on a team. If he got an inside-the-park home run, there had to have been a huge outfield fail.

    Such was the case in a July 2010 Tigers-Indians game when Peralta hit a deep shot to right-center. Ryan Raburn ran to the warning track and went for the catch. He not only missed, but dove into the bullpen door, swinging it open. The play is available here.

    The ball got away from him, and the Tigers were almost able to recover and throw him out, but it was not to be. Ironically enough, it was Peralta's last home run as an Indian before he was traded to Detroit.

2. Jose Canseco Has a Hard Head

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    The Texas Rangers in 1993 had brought in Jose Canseco to bolster their hitting, as well as their outfield for 161 games. The 162nd took place on May 26 against the Cleveland Indians.

    Infielder Carlos Martinez came up to bat and hit a deep fly ball off Kenny Rogers. Canseco went back to catch it, but it hit him in the head, bouncing off and landing in the stands. It was counted as a home run.

    A clip of the hilarity is available here, and perhaps the most shocking part is that Canseco seemed to just shrug it off. I'd have probably taken the rest of the game off as a precaution.

1. Rodney McCray Has No Regard for His Safety

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    There are two distinct Rodney McCrays in the world of sports. One was the third overall pick in the 1983 NBA Draft; he played in the NBA for a decade. The other? Aside from 67 major league games, he's simply known for this.

    While in the Chicago White Sox farm system with the Vancouver Canadians on May 27, 1991, Chip Hale of Portland hit a deep fly ball. The speedy McCray went after it, and without even slowing down, ran right into the outfield wall, knocking out a panel.

    Coincidentally, speed was all he was known for anyway, as he regularly stole 40-plus in the minors. Said speed is now immortalized with this clip.