A New Executive in Detroit: What Are They Trying To Pull This Time?

David McClureCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2009

Some interesting comments from Detroit Lions President Tom Lewand were recently reported in the Detroit Free Press. In the interview, Lewand stated that the team is looking for a front-office executive whose role will be defined by the person, and that they would like someone with previous experience in decision-making concerning the draft, free agency, and putting together working systems.

Call me crazy, but doesn't that sum up most of their own job descriptions? If you have someone that can handle the draft, free agency, and putting together a working system for your team, then why would they work for Lewand and Mayhew?

If they have the significant experience, then they should be able to get a position with another team, working for experienced front-office personnel. They can enhance their resume. Why would they want to take a chance in letting Mayhew and Lewand affect their credibility? Much like Detroit fans don't trust Mayhew because he studied under Matt Millen, this new executive will be tied to Mayhew and Lewand.

In the first press conference for Mayhew and Lewand, they led us to believe that they can get the job done because they watched what not to do for eight years and can look at examples around the league of what a good franchise does. Congratulations, you have the qualifications of every Detroit Lions fan.

Am I supposed to believe that prisoners make the best citizens? I mean, the logic is there. If they go to prison and spend several years learning what bad things they shouldn't do, then they won't make the same mistakes. They can also watch television and see good examples of what a citizen should be.

Under the Mayhew and Lewand logic, this would make them model citizens. Is anyone seeing a problem with this? Maybe next we can have the local dealer hang out at schools as an anti-drug campaign.

I sincerely hope they are the best president and GM combination the league has ever seen for the fans' sake. Hopefully we can chalk it all up to "rookie" mistakes one day. Not the Matt Millen draft "rookie" mistakes, but the "held a press conference for someone we aren't hiring" mistakes.