WWE: Stables and Tag Teams of the Future?

Anthony Rizzuti@@Anthony_RizzutiSenior Analyst IIIApril 16, 2012

WWE: Stables and Tag Teams of the Future?

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    There has probably been a fair amount of these type of WWE tag team/stable articles already featured here at Bleacher Report. And you may or may not be tired of seeing them.

    But guess what?

    Get ready to sit through another one.

    With the WWE struggling to establish a tag-team division or any sensible stables, it's rather evident they need some fresh ideas to stimulate the card.

    Well, that's what I'm here for. 

    Here's a few ideas for WWE tag teams and stables that we could or should see in the near future.

World's Strongest Men

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    The WWE currently has just two established tag teams—Epico and Primo and the Usos. Not much, right?

    If the company wants to revive the tag-team division, they need to develop a legitimate heel pairing. And by legitimate heel pairing, I mean a monster duo.

    Grouping two of the industry's largest men, Mark Henry and Ezekiel Jackson, would benefit both superstars as well as the undercard for every WWE event.

    As far as an improving card goes, Henry and Jackson teaming together as the "World's Strongest Men" would add some validity to this thin division. If the tag team is built up again, it is much easier to book an undercard that is entertaining and that makes sense.

    Instead of having a Randy Orton-Kane type match at WrestleMania with virtually nothing on the line, we could be having a meaningful feud for the tag team straps.

    And just as it would with the undercard, this potential pairing could help out Henry and Jackson, who aren't doing much at the present time.

    Henry is already built as a steamroller heel, making it rather simple to bring a viable presence to the division. Jackson, a former Intercontinental champion, also brings somewhat of a decent force.

    If you combine the two and add a very worthy mouthpiece in Abraham Saddam Washington, you could have the formula for a very successful building block for a renewed tag-team division.

The Broskis

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    Sticking on the theme of a refreshed tag team division, how about reuniting Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins?

    For one, the chemistry is obviously already there. Before they were the tag team goons for Edge, Ryder and Hawkins were paired up in New York Wrestling Connection from 2005 to 2006. The two worked their way through the small promotion and onto the industry's biggest stage in the WWE.

    So there is no doubting the former WWE Tag Team Champions have the chops to run in the division.

    In order to book this, creative can run an angle where Hawkins expresses his frustrations to Ryder during a backstage segment. Ryder would then give Hawkins a spiel about how changing his image can do him wonders.

    These segments can go on for a few weeks until Hawkins finally converts to Broskism, if you will. 

    The two can pair up as "The Broskis" and create an Attitude Era-type tag team that has a funny gimmick.


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    Here's a stable idea that's been floating around the IWC for quite some time. 

    Given it's not the WWE '12 version of "The United Kingdom," "Royalty" is a potential stable that'll come about as the second coming of Evolution.

    As you probably have already done, you can put together the pieces here. Wade Barrett would be the Triple H, Regal the Flair, Ryan the Batista and McIntrye the Orton.

    Barrett will represent the faction's present power with Regal as the witty past and Ryan and McIntyre as the promising future.

    For more on this stable, visit this link for a more detailed scenario.

D.I.C. (Dominant Individuals Coalition)

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    Besides a consistent tag-team division, the WWE also seems to be lacking an edgy comedy presence.

    With the PG Era perhaps behind us after The Rock's victory and Brock's return, we could be in for a more volatile product. If so, why not put this group of misfits together?

    Before I go any further, the credit for the stable's name, D.I.C., goes completely to the good folks at the WWE. It was a name Santino devised in his YouTube series, Foreign Exchange.

    Anyway, how could this not be funny?

    You have a giant, a leprechaun, a typical foreign personality and Santino. It's just pure comedy gold if written by the right minds.


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    Now we return to the development of the tag-team division.

    It's actually pretty funny how some things work. About a handful of months ago, Jack Swagger and Alex Riley worked a debacle of a match on Monday Night Raw. 

    There were botches, no flow and zero chemistry throughout the course of the painful segment.

    Riley has since taken on a much lesser role as he is rarely featured on WWE television. Swagger has also seen better days since the match. Although he was awarded the United States Championship a month or so back, Swagger is still stuck in mid-card hell.

    And now I'm proposing that these two pair up to kickstart their young and hopefully promising careers. 

    As for the "Varsity" gimmick, the two can run a tag team based off of being two pompous athletes. They would presumably be a heel pairing and act as the jerky jocks one would encounter in the hallways of their high school.

    Riley, a former linebacker for Boston College, already has an athletic background. He also ran his "Varsity Villain" gimmick where he played the rude, crude jock type.

    Swagger is a very gifted athlete as well. In addition to being an All-American wrestler at the University of Oklahoma, Swagger was also a member of the prestigious Sooner football program. He played second-string defensive tackle to NFL players Tommie Harris and Dusty Dvoracek.

Aerial Assault

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    That's right, I just did that to Evan Bourne. If Bourne wants to continuously smoke a certain plant, then this is what he gets.

    Anyway, I am completely ripping off "Air Boom" and making it "Aerial Assault."

    When Bourne and Kofi Kingston teamed up, it looked like the tag division was finally returning. They were exciting and they were over with the fans. 

    But after being suspended two consecutive times and injuring his foot, it doesn't look like the two will be picking up their tag team. 

    So to keep Kingston busy, I'll pair him up with another high-flyer in Justin Gabriel. Unlike Bourne, Gabriel is not out of action and is ready to go.

    I also believe Gabriel's style is much more similar to Kingston's than Bourne's was. They're about the same height, the same build and even wear very similar ring attire.

    These two can reintroduce the company to an agile, babyface team that'll always get some pop from the crowd.

Rollins and Ambrose

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    Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are undoubtedly two of the biggest up-and-comers in the WWE. 

    These two gentlemen are assured a spot on the roster in the future, and luckily for them, that future may be fast approaching.

    But before they are built into top-of-the-card talent, they obviously have to be developed. So why not form a tag team with one another?

    Although Ambrose and Rollins had created quite the rivalry over at FCW, there's no doubting their incredible in-ring chemistry. If you haven't already, I highly recommend you watch their epic 30-minute match from 2011.

    Think of this potential pairing as more of an Edge and Christian or a Beer Money rather than a Kendrick-London type team. It's two guys that'll tag together for a while until they respectively develop into big time names. 

    Ambrose and Rollins can help rebuild the tag division en route to becoming WWE stars.


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    Here's a far-fetched but very sensible faction. 

    The indy gods in CM Punk, Colt Cabana and the Kings of Wrestling can join forces to become one of the most interesting stables in wrestling history, and here's why:

    For one, we all know that Punk can run a hell of a stable. He did an amazing job with the Straight Edge Society and proceeded to do just as good a job with the new Nexus. So heading a group wouldn't be exactly risky business for the main eventer.

    Secondly, this formation of talent can only benefit everyone involved. Punk will further solidify his status as a top dog, something Triple H did with Evolution. But this time, the Revolution, a play on the Evolution name, will emerge as the controlling stable in the company.

    (By no means is this a second coming of Evolution. They would have no Flair, Orton or Batista.)

    And lastly, it's something new, exciting and different. With the recent success of former indy stars such as Punk, Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder, it looks as if the WWE is giving the Internet darlings a legitimate shot at being featured heavily.

    Punk would obviously be the head as a WWE Championship contender, while Colt would work mid-card with the Kings, contributing to the tag team division.

    The only roadblock in this equation would be the signing of Colt, which has proved to be quite difficult for the company. As Punk, Cesaro and Hero are all under WWE contract, the ever-entertaining Colt would remain as a huge question mark.