Top 10 Biggest Showboaters in MMA

Hunter Homistek@HunterAHomistekCorrespondent IApril 9, 2012

Top 10 Biggest Showboaters in MMA

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    Every sport has them.  

    Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens represent the sport of football, while Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard were poster children for it in the boxing ring. 

    I speak, of course, of the almighty "showboat."  

    Throughout the years, mixed martial arts has seen a myriad of fighters dabble in the fine art, but only a select few have become legends of taunting, bobbing and intimidating.  

    Start the slideshow to see the fighters who can throw both insults and punches in combinations like few others.  

10. Genki Sudo

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    UFC and K-1 veteran Genki Sudo might be a little nuts, but dammit if he isn't entertaining.  

    Known for his flamboyant entrances to the cage and backwards fighting style, Sudo truly embraces the art of showboating.  

    Also a musician and an actor, Sudo has oftentimes said he believes his approach to the game transcends the sport from competition to a purer art form, and for that I'm cutting him some slack on the list.  

    He doesn't see himself as a "showboater" per se, but his over the top actions are still good enough for the No. 10 spot on my list.  

    To kick off our list, ladies and gentlemen, Genki Sudo.  

9. Brock Lesnar

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    Like Sudo, I had to cut Brock a little slack on the list.  

    Firstly, he came from a background in professional wrestling where he was groomed to be completely over the top and excessive all the time

    Secondly, he seemed humbled in his later bouts against Carwin, Velasquez and finally Overeem, so the showboating did cool off as he neared the end of his stint in the UFC.

    But boy was that middle part amazing.  

    Against Heath Herring and in his second bout against Frank Mir, we experienced some of the finest showboating in UFC history from Mr. Lesnar. 

    Against Herring, he showcased his dominance wrestling and then lassoed the "Crazy Horse" at the bout's end.  


    Then, in his second bout against Frank Mir, Lesnar went on a famous post fight rant which saw him slobbering his way around the cage as he insulted everyone and everything in his way, included his still-woozy opponent.  

    He may have checked himself before he wrecked himself, but Lesnar certainly flirted with the guard rail in glamorous fashion.  

8. Shinya Aoki

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    His colorful spandex pants say it all:

    I'm here to humiliate you.  

    Not only does Aoki brutalize his opponents on the ground and showcase his grappling dominance, he does it while looking and acting completely crazy.  

    His 2009 bout against Mizuto Hirota exemplifies this perfectly.  

    After securing a hammerlock that left his opponent's arm broken and twisted, Aoki proceeded to yell at his injured foe and flip him the bird after being pulled off by the referee.  

    It doesn't get much better than that. 

    Wait, yes it does. Continue the slideshow to see how.  

7. Rashad Evans

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    Rashad Evans was a masterful showboater when he was "the man" at light heavyweight.  

    His confidence at an all time high, Evans was unafraid to talk the talk and walk the walk of arrogance inside and outside the Octagon.  

    In fact, in his first title defense against Lyoto Machida, Evans rode his trash talking all the way to the bout's conclusion. 

    The twist?

    He got KTFO!  

    Yes, Evans was so proud of his showboating skills that he decided it would be prudent to talk trash as he was getting punched in the face.


    Tisk, tisk...sometimes you have to know when to pull the back the reigns on your showboating skills, Rashad.  

6. Jason "Mayhem" Miller

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    Like Shinya Aoki before him, Jason "Mayhem" Miller understands the art of showboating.

    And fancy pants. 

    Miller is one of the sport's most outgoing characters, but he also boasts an impressive game to back up his antics. 

    In a 2008 DREAM matchup with Katsuyori Shibata, Mayhem played to the crowd throwing peace signs and making faces...while in full mount!  

    Hey, Mayhem gets the "entertainment" part of the sport, and he's become a fantastic showboater through his understanding of this aspect of MMA

    Now if he can just figure out that whole "cardio" thing...

5. Phil Baroni

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    From his sunglasses to his outrageous cage entrances to his unbelievable arrogance, Phil Baroni has all the elements of a world-class showboater.  

    For all of the times he's been a nutcase, though, no moment compares to his antics after defeating Dave Menne.  

    After blasting Menne with a ridiculously fast and accurate combination of punches, Baroni proceeded to jump on top of the cage, flex his rippling muscles and proclaim himself the "best ever."  

    All good showboaters need to be a little full of themselves.

    Baroni was a lot full of himself.  

    That earns him the No. 5 spot on my list of all-time greats.  

4. Anderson Silva

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    Anderson Silva might be the only fighter on this list who would be in the top five all time showboaters as well as the top five all-time fighters. 

    OK, he is the only one.  

    Silva seems to be invincible, and he knows it.  

    Against fighters like Forrest Griffin, Rich Franklin and Demian Maia, Silva has juked, danced and jived his way to victory in laughable fashion.  

    He's simply on another level both fighting and showboating, and his opponents are all too aware of this. 

    Unlike in fighting, however, Silva can be bested in the art of showboating.  

    Check out who is No. 3 on my list.  

3. Nick Diaz

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    Nick Diaz is one polarizing figure. 

    On one hand, he is a phenomenal boxer with world-class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills and one of the top ranked welterweights in the world.

    On the other hand, he's a disrespectful thug from Stockton, Ca., who has never found a bad moment to flip the bird or taunt an opponent inside or outside the cage.  

    One of the finest showboaters in the game today, Diaz has made a name for himself by constantly pushing the pace in his fights and throwing his hands up at his opponent when he feels he isn't getting enough in return. 

    It's one thing to beat a guy, but it's a totally different ball game when you can humiliate him while doing so.  

    Nick Diaz has mastered this art of humiliation, and for that he gets the No. 3 spot on my list.  

2. Frank Shamrock

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    Frank Shamrock was a masterful mid-fight showboater.  

    From making absolutely goofy faces at Bas Rutten to taunting Phil Baroni as he put him to sleep, Shamrock is truly one of the pioneers of mid-fight taunting.

    That said, there is one fighter who is even better at acting crazy right in the face of danger.

    Check out the last slide to see who it is. 

1. Nate Diaz

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    Did you feel robbed when you saw Nick Diaz on the list, but not his brother Nate?  

    Have no fear, I didn't forget about the second half of Stockton's dynamic duo; I was just saving him for top spot honors.

    Nate does it all: He taunts, he flips the bird, and he fearlessly showboats mid-fight.

    But there is one moment that puts him above all other showboaters before him.

    That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Nate Diaz combined all three essential elements of a great showboater AT ONCE.  

    He taunted by flipping the bird mid-fight!  

    Check it out.

    It's pure showboating genius, and Nate Diaz has earned the showboating crown for his efforts.