Werth The Wait

B MacCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2009

According to www.phillies.com, the Philadelphia Phillies have reached an agreement and signed a deal with OF/Utility Jayson Werth. Not all of the deal’s specifics were released, but it is known that the deal is for two years. The Phillies and Werth agree to the deal, avoiding arbitration.

EDIT: So here it is the schematics of the Jayson Werth signing: two years, $10 million.

Out of the eight players that were arbitration-eligible, the only two left for the Phillies are first baseman, Ryan "Big Dog" Howard and right-handed reliever Chad "New Deal" Durbin. This is due to Ryan Madson, Cole Hamels, and Greg Dobbs have signed multiyear contracts.

In other Philadelphia Phillies news, the Phillies have also grabbed their centerfield with the re-signing of Shane Victorino to a one-year deal. The deal is worth $3.125 million.

The Phillies have also signed Joe "Bam Bam" Blanton to a one-year deal as well. This alludes to the possibility that someone’s job is on the line in the Phillies’ starting rotation. Blanton's deal is worth $5.475 million.

EDIT: Only one Phillie is left in the column labeled "arbitration-eligible". That's the "Big Dog", Ryan Howard. Chad "New Deal" Durbin signed a one year deal early today (1/21/2009).