Strangest Celebrations in NFL History

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIApril 9, 2012

Strangest Celebrations in NFL History

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    Playing in an NFL game has to be one of the most exhilarating feelings that an individual could feel. So, of course it makes sense for players to release some of that energy in form of a celebration from time to time.

    However, what happens when that celebration gets strange? I mean really, really strange?

    Here's a look at the strangest celebrations in NFL history.

Touchdown Celebrations

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    We'll start our adventure into the strangest celebrations in NFL history with touchdown celebrations.

    These celebrations have brought us "The Dirty Bird," "The Ickey Shuffle" and whatever the heck Terrell Owens used to do when he scored a touchdown.

    This is by far the largest category of celebrations in the NFL.

Johnnie Morton Does the Worm

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    There are two places where doing The Worm is acceptable: an '80s disco club and the privacy of your own bedroom.

    You hear that, Johnnie Morton? The Worm does not belong on the football field.

Chad Johnson Riverdances

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    Look, you won't find a bigger fan of the Riverdance than yours truly. That doesn't mean that whenever something exciting happens for me I start busting out my moves like Michael Flatley.

    I must admit, though, Chad Johnson's version on the Riverdance is actually quite impressive. He may have a future after football doing some Irish dancing.

Kelley Washington Squirrel Dances

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    What is so crazy and strange about this celebration by Kelley Washington was that it wasn't the first time that he did "The Squirrel."

    This dance wasn't effective the first time it was pulled off when Washington was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals, and it certainly didn't look any better in purple and black.

    All this celebration proved is that Washington should never be allowed within 20 feet of a dance club.

Gus Frerotte Headbutts a Wall

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    It's never a good idea to headbutt anything. I don't care how excited you are, or how protected your head is, never bang it into a wall, especially when running at full speed.

    Gus Frerotte learned that lesson the hard way after a 1999 touchdown celebration turned into a strained neck and a concussion.

Anything Steve Smith Does

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    From fencing with the football to doing snow angels, Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers is a touchdown-celebration king.

    While his celebrations generally lean towards the stranger side of things, his dirty diaper celebration definitely wins the award for strangest celebration in NFL history. Smith basically took out a baby wipe and wiped the football after scoring a touchdown.

    As a father of twins, I've changed numerous dirty diapers and let me just say that Smith was lucky that the football was that clean before he changed its diaper.

Other Miscellaneous Celebrations

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    NFL players have also had some rather strange celebrations when things happen other than touchdowns.

    Here are the strangest miscellaneous celebrations.

The Grave Digger

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    Unfortunately, I was unable to find a short video of Gilbert Brown doing his "Grave Digger" celebration. 

    However, for those that have ever seen the 350-pound man dig his imaginary shovel into the ground to bury his opponent had to have seen how strange it really was.

    First, is Brown burying the player he just tackled alive? If that is the case, then Brown has some major mental issues.

    Secondly, how deep of a hole can you really dig with only two digs? You couldn't even bury a mouse in that hole.

    Just strange, Gilbert. Very strange.

Jared Allen Ropes a Calf

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    What makes Jared Allen's sack celebration so strange is that it simply doesn't make any logical sense. I mean, what does roping a calf have to do with sacking a quarterback?

    The worst part about this celebration is that Allen's form with his imaginary rope is just pitiful. Not even a professional could rope a calf that fast.

    If you're going to do a celebration, at least make it realistic.

Ray Lewis Getting Pumped Up

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    There is no doubt that this pre-game celebration by Ray Lewis is legendary. 

    With that said, it is a little strange when you watch and re-watch this celebration and you still have no idea what Lewis is attempting to do.

    Is he dancing? Is he tearing off his shirt in anger? Does he have any idea what he is doing?

    While it may be legendary, it also falls into the strange category.

Mark Gastineau Does Something After Recording a Sack

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    Mark Gastineua looks like a kid on Christmas after recording this sack.

    He looks like he is having the greatest time in the world.

    I've literally been watching this for the past 30 minutes.

    It's hilarious.

Barry Cofield Electrocutes Himself

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    Barry Cofield was so surprised that he actually sacked a quarterback that he died. He then needed to electrocute himself in order to come back to life.

    That is the only explanation to this strange celebration.