New York Yankees: 5 Bold Predictions for April

hh bjjjnCorrespondent IIApril 9, 2012

New York Yankees: 5 Bold Predictions for April

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    The New York Yankees are off to a slow start after losing three straight games to the Tampa Bay Rays

    Luckily, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is the MLB season. There's 162 regular season games, so New York shouldn't be too frantic right now. Then again, you never know with New York.

    There is some good news, though. The last time the New York Yankees started their season off 0-3, was 1998 and the team went on to win 114 regular season games and then the World Series.

    Hold tight, Yankees fans. It's a long season, but April will be a journey. 

Mariano Rivera Will Not Blow Another Save

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    The Yankees lost the season opener to the Tampa Bay Rays, 7-6, thanks to a blown save by Mariano Rivera. 

    Looks like Rivera should have retired...just kidding. Relax, Yankees fans. Rivera will not blow another save in April. 

    In 2011, Rivera converted eight saves in 10 opportunities. After blowing a save on Opening Day, Rivera will be a machine and not blow another save. The 42-year-old will prove why he's the greatest closer ever and overcome a slow start. 

Michael Pineda Will Not Pitch in April

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    Michael Pineda was horrible in spring training, making Yankees fans second guess trading Jesus Montero for Pineda in the offseason. 

    After getting rocked and losing velocity, people were wondering if Pineda would even make the Yankees' rotation. Finally, the Yankees got an answer on Pineda's performance. 

    Pineda was diagnosed with right shoulder tendinitis and was placed on the 15-day DL on March 31. Joe Girardi recently announced, "Safe to say," Pineda won't pitch in April. 

    The Yankees won't rush the 23-year-old back as they will need him when he fully comes back and for their future. Luckily, the Yankees have a plethora of starting pitching options.

Mark Teixeira Has Another Slow April

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    Mark Teixeira is one of the best first basemen in baseball, but one of the worst hitters in April every year. 

    Unfortunately for the Yankees, things won't be much different in April this season for Teixeira. Teixeira has always been a slow starter, especially with the Yankees. 

    Since joining New York in 2009, Teixeira has hit .200, .136 and .253. 2011, was Teixeira's best start, but it did not pan out to be a great year. 

    In the first three games, Teixeira only has one hit in nine at-bats, amounting to a .111 batting average. Teixeira is off to another slow start and it won't get much better in April. Hopefully, he heats up immensely after a slow April. 

A-Rod Will Be Great

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    Alex Rodriguez had his worst season of his career in 2011, making people wonder if the star has lost his art of hitting. 

    Rodriguez started of well, getting three hits in 10 at-bats, for a .300 average. His April will prove the critics wrong and show that he is still a great hitter. 

    With Rodriguez getting time at DH and the occasional day off, he will be setup to have a healthy season. A-Rod had a solid spring and has carried it into April. 

    The Yankees will need Rodriguez in order to have a successful 2012 season and he will prove in April that he is ready to have a big season. 

Second Place in the AL East

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    The New York Yankees were swept by the Tampa Bay Rays to start the season and are currently in last place in the AL East. 

    Don't worry, New York. Last place will be gone in a heart beat, but the Yankees won't be in first in April. This month, the Yankees will battle with the Rays, but ultimately be in second place. 

    Pitching is still a question mark for the Yankees and too many questions are yet to be answered. The absence of Pineda will hurt and it will be interesting to see when Andy Pettitte will be back in the majors. 

    Remember, the last time the Yankees started off 0-3, they went on to win 114 regular season games as well as the World Series.