When will we take concussions seriously?

Nick Van GroningenContributor IFebruary 28, 2008

Take a look at what Georgia Tech Guard Matt Causey's eyes were doing during their loss at Duke on Wednesday. He was on the court minutes after suffering a grade-two concussion! How many more athletes are going to suffer long term problems?

At least Charlotte Bobcat Forward Gerald Wallace will sit out for at least two weeks, but this is after four concussions in as many years.

I believe it's time to change the term concussion to irreversible brain-damaging injury. Basically, a concussion is caused by soft brain tissue (gray matter) that literally bounces off the inside of the cranium.

There is medical research stating concussions cause significant long-term brain damage including depression, loss of motor function, and amnesia. Moreover, concussion symptoms are delayed as much as 48 hours.  When a person suffers three or more concussions in their lifetime, that person is five times more likely to develop a case of Alzheimer's disease. There is no specific therapy for a concussion besides waiting. Georgia Tech put their starting point guard at risk for another with his gritty style.

Where are the trainers and doctors on the court who shouldn't let Causey back on the court? Who authorized this? Were they waiting for him to pass out on the court?

I am all for applauding toughness and playing through pain, with the strong exception of irreversible brain-damaging injuries. At some point we must realize that there is more to life than winning a game, especially when collegiate athletes aren't getting paid.