Will David Carr get work?

greg pitschSenior Analyst IFebruary 28, 2008

With just a week before the Free Agent waters are tested, some decent names have surfaced.  Asante Samuel, Lance Briggs, and Bernard Berrian are a few examples. Now there is a former No. 1 overall pick being thrown into the mud and that is quarterback David Carr.

Does he deserve another shot in this league? 

I for one believe he does.  I mean first he spent five years in a summer camp with the Houston Texans, and then one year in the circus John Fox ran last year. If he was given a valid opportunity to play for a "real" team, he might be able to prove himself.

Teams That Could Be a Fit for David Carr 

Miami Dolphins - They are in need of a Quarterback who has some decent playing time behind his belt, who can come in and be a leader.

Tennessee Titans - Vince Young has shown signs of struggle this season, and could use a fresh legged back-up Quarterback, Kerry Collins is aging quickly.

Atlanta Falcons - Seeing how they will more than likely pick up a QB in the Draft, the Falcons may need someone to help him grow into the league, but do you want your rookie learning from David Carr?

San Francisco 49ers- Shaun Hill showed that he should get more playing time then he was getting. Yet, couldn't David Carr be a third string QB here?

Minnesota Vikings -  Behind Tarvaris Jackson there isn't much, they need a solid back-up QB here as well.

If none of these teams attempt to pick him up, I am simply unsure of what will become of him.  In any of these systems he could begin to make progress. If he isn't acquired through Free Agency, however, this is the end of his career.