Tim Tebow Easter Sermon: Fans Shouldn't Criticize Tebow for Being Himself

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Tim Tebow Easter Sermon: Fans Shouldn't Criticize Tebow for Being Himself
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There is a fine line between those fans who love and hate New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, but on this Easter Sunday, nobody should criticize the faithful quarterback for being himself as he leads a sermon in Texas.

This Sunday, Tebow will deliver an Easter Sunday sermon in front of a growing crowd of at least 30,000 church goers near Austin, Texas.

Unless you have been living under a rock, everyone knows Tebow is known to wear his religion on his sleeve, and while that bothers some fans, it really isn't out of the ordinary. He doesn't try to force it upon people, but rather he just finds it to be a critical part in his life and is given the opportunity to speak about it when asked.

Now that Tebow is taking his talents from the gridiron to the altar, many fans have been unsure how to feel about his actions.

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Considering this is Tebow's faith and his life, it really shouldn't bother anyone. This is who Tebow is, and if you don't get that by now, you likely never will.

And to say the least, his off-field actions are in good nature. It isn't like he is selling drugs, gambling or doing other illegal actions. He is doing things that are at least charitable and decent in the public eye.

Tebow wasn't afraid to make a point of this in his speech Sunday.

As Jim Vertuno of the AP notes, Tebow "took a shot at professional athletes who insist they are not role models" stating, "Yes you are. You're just not a good one."

Obviously, Tebow is stating that even if they don't want to be role models, they are so much in the public eye that they become one inevitably—whether they act good or bad.

According to KVUE's Shelton Green, the Church's pastor, Joe Champion, didn't want to see it become a Tebow show either, as many have likely assumed since hearing the announcement.

"There will be the sacredness of Easter. It's not a Tim Tebow show. It's not about a celebrity," Champion said. "There's really only one celebrity that we are going to honor and highlight."

While it is somewhat about celebrity—Tebow would not be doing this if he wasn't who he is and if it weren't for the crowd he is drawing in—one should believe that Tebow is doing this out of good faith, as that is who he has continually been since entering the public eye.

There is no doubt that some people will grow their displeasure in Tebow following today's sermon, but when it is all said and done, this is who he is. It wasn't any different before, and it won't be any different after.

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