Rampage Jackson and the 3 Fights We Didn't Get to See

Levi Nile@@levinileContributor IIIApril 8, 2012

Rampage Jackson and the 3 Fights We Didn't Get to See

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    It looks like things are winding down to a close for Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in the UFC.

    After his last two losses, it seems that once fruitful relationships have withered on the vine for Rampage and now, with the end drawing near, fight fans are left to wonder what would have happened if “Rampage had fought … ?”

    Quinton Jackson has had a fantastic career, not only based on his style of fighting and his abilities, but those he fought in both ring and cage.

    He had memorable fights with Wanderlei Silva, Chuck Liddell and others, but when a fighter looks to be moving on, suddenly we begin to feel a pang of regret. After all, isn’t the next great fight always just around the corner?

    Maybe so, maybe no. Perspective in the fight game, as in life, is always relative. Nonetheless, here are five fights I would have liked to have seen for Rampage before his final curtain call with the UFC.

Rampage vs. Griffin II

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    Call it sour grapes or unfinished business, but Jackson lost a bit of his “aura” after his upset loss to TUF 1 winner Forest Griffin. It seems apparent to all that he wanted it back.

    Sadly, this rematch never happened because of scheduling and the fact that separate roads more often than not never converge twice.

    Still, it would have been fun to see.

    In their first fight, Griffin simply outworked Jackson from start to finish. Jackson had his moments, but between being hobbled by leg kicks from Griffin and spending too much time dancing a beat behind the music, Griffin picked up the win and a shiny new belt.

    Jackson, on the other hand, picked up media attention for his driving escapades, prompting Dana White to come to his aid.

    A rematch between these two fighters would have been fun, for sure, but I think Griffin would have won it again. As strong as Jackson is, and as hard as he punches, this is still MMA and fighting on just one level usually doesn’t cut it.

Rampage vs. Henderson II

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    Their first fight was everything fight fans were hoping for: a back-and-forth brawl that saw reversals of positions and fortune as Jackson managed to defend his title by decision at UFC 75.

    Jackson and Henderson battled on the ground and on their feet, both landing hard punches. Neither man was able to put the other down, and they both were swinging with bad intentions.

    What would have made a rematch so interesting is that Jackson and Henderson are so similar. They are both wrestling-based fighters who have developed such a love for stand-up wars that they seem to do little else but swing for the fences.

    Perhaps the only new wrinkle that comes to mind is found when you consider just how much more developed Henderson has become at delivering tremendous force with his right hand (much more so than in their first fight).

    Couple that with Jackson’s power and unwillingness to back away from a brawl and you have the makings for a bout with all the drama you could want.

Jackson vs. Couture

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    Had Randy Couture not retired when he did, this bout could have happened.

    Jackson became offended when Couture picked him to lose his fight against Matt Hamill and went off on the legend via twitter.

    This would have been interesting not only due to the amount of attention the bout would have gotten from the fans, but because of the clash of styles.

    Couture has always been a thinking man's fighter, developing his skills and stamina to elite levels while developing game plans that have allowed him to defeat a who’s who of the sport.

    Rampage, on the other hand, is basically an exceptionally strong brawler who knows how to wrestle.

    Personally, I see Couture winning this fight; he simply brings far more tools to the table than Jackson does.

    But then again, sometimes a left hook is not enough, and sometimes it is.