10 Most Useless Pro Wrestling Moves in a Real Fight

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10 Most Useless Pro Wrestling Moves in a Real Fight
Mark Nolan/Getty Images

Imagine this scenario, you are at a bar enjoying an nice frosty Sarsaparilla with your buddies when suddenly a stranger gives you a funny look.

He makes his way across the bar, sees your "Arrive. Raise Hell. Leave" t-shirt, and tells you that wrestling is fake and lame. Adding insult to injury he claims the only good talent in the WWE is the Great Khali and that Chris Jericho is dumb because he is from Toronto!

Angered, you want to show this punk a lesson, but unfortunately the only fighting moves you know are WWE finishing moves. But this doesn't matter to you! You take the sock you keep tucked-in your sweat pants and proceed to give him a mandible claw... only to end up in the E.R. 

What went wrong?

You used a  useless pro-wrestling move in real-life, that's what. 

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