Face-Flip-Flop: Is WWE Going to Turn Sheamus Heel and Daniel Bryan Face Again?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistApril 7, 2012

Photo: creativelyendeavored.com
Photo: creativelyendeavored.com

WrestleMania 28 featured a World Heavyweight Title match which lasted a whopping 18 seconds. In this match Sheamus, defeated Daniel Bryan to claim the World title.

The match was instantly criticized since it was one of the two major titles being defended that night and it was booked so the other big matches could have more time.

The following night on Raw, Sheamus was greeted with many boos from the crowd in attendance, and Daniel Bryan chants of "Yes!" were heard throughout the night.

WWE is not stupid—they realize when the fans want something and they are usually willing to give it to them. The fans have spoken loud and clear and they said, "We want to root for Daniel Bryan again."

While Bryan has done an outstanding job creating a heel persona which is truly despicable, he is also someone who has so much talent that many fans cannot help but root for him.

Being one of the smaller guys on the roster is usually a drawback, but Bryan has managed to avoid being pigeonholed as an underdog and instead carved a reputation as a smaller guy who can take out anyone at anytime.

With the recent news that WWE has released a new Daniel Bryan shirt and Sheamus attacking a ref at a live show, we could see WWE continue their feud, but flip the roles.

This was done with Steve Austin and Bret Hart many years ago and the feud went on to be one of the best of all time.

Bryan and Sheamus may not be the next Hart and Austin, but they can certainly maintain a feud while simultaneously switching roles.

I truly believe Sheamus is better at being a heel because he can use his size and power to push others around—something you don't see faces doing that often.

Bryan is also a natural face because he has more legitimate skill than most and he is the little guy who is tough as nails, and fans love to cheer for the Rudys of the world. If you do not understand the Rudy reference, please Google it.

With Del Rio being thrown in the mix, it will be interesting to see how WWE books the title match at Extreme Rules later this month.

What do you think? Should Sheamus turn heel and Bryan turn face or are they good the way they are?