Milwaukee Brewers: In the News (Jan. 21)

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A Tip O' the Hat to You, Seth


Brewers News

- Shotgun a beer, everyone, McClung has avoided arbitration and signed a one-year deal worth a little more than $1.6 Million. I like Seth, but I’d still feel better if the Brewers would pick up another starter and let Seth be a long reliever/insurance starter.

- Arbitration figures were submitted and here’s the damage.

  1. Prince Fielder wants $8 Million, Brewers submitted $6 Million
  2. Corey Hart wants $3.8 Million, Brewers submitted $2.7 Million
  3. Rickie Weeks wants $2.8 Million, Brewers submitted $2 Million

- Paul from Brewed Sports lists his 10 fears. Gotta say, I agree with him completely on most of his points…all of them except his worries about the catcher. Kendall is a smart player and a great defensive catcher. His batting average may have been lackluster, but he often times moved the runner over or even put the ball in play.

I think he should have sat more which might have helped his batting average, but his OBP with RISP is higher than starting outfielders Mike Cameron and Corey Hart who are supposed to be better with the bat and has struck out less with RISP than most of the starters on the team.

He at least gives you a chance when you need it most. Ok…I think I defended Jason Kendall enough for the year now…

- Next up on the “advent” calendar is Rickie Weeks. Brew Crew Ball tries their best to put a positive spin on Rickie by highlighting that he has the best stealing percentage in the franchise, but I should point out he has far fewer attempts than most people on that list.

The Brewers should run him more because, if nothing else, he has shown the abilities to get home when on base (He’s averaging a run about 45-50 percent of the time he’s on base).

- Brew Crew Ball also had a chance to listen to Doug Melvin and this is what they heard. The whole Sheets saga really pi$$es me off on so many levels, but it’s interesting to hear Gamel’s name already in the third base mix and the fact that Hoffman liked Milwaukee because of Cam and Jason.

- Speaking of Gamel, Bad Wax compares him to Robin Ventura as they put him 12th on the “Ridiculous Rookie” list.

- Bernie’s Crew put together another roundtable asking six different blogs who they would trade and who would they target.

- FakeTeams asks Red Sox Nation if Prince Fielder for Buchholz, Lowell, Michael Bowden, and Dan Bard makes more sense? If the Brewers have to pay Lowell’s salary (he made 12.5 Mil last year), I think you’re shooting blanks.

- This is a neat little story about the Brewers new third base coach, Brad Fischer.

- Also by the Capital Times, they have a bunch of little tidbits on the BrewerBeat. The extra piece of info is that Durham might not play this year if the price isn’t right. I guess I understand, but there has to be someone other than Craig Counsell.

I just checked the names and outside of Orlando Hudson and Joe Crede, I don’t see anyone I particularly like. I guess Milwaukee native Mark Gruasdnfausngfarbgiek or Damion Easley would work…Maybe bring in No-mah just for fun? Me lady would appreciate that (or at least she would have four years ago).

- FOXSports lists five of the top free agents, where they should go, and where they probably will go.  According to the writer, Jeff Moore, Sheets should come back to the Brewers but will likely end up with the Mets.

Minor Leagues

- Bernie’s Crew talks Cole Gillespie today (No. 12 prospects)

NL Central

- The Cubs signed three. Nothing big, probably the same reaction Cub fans had about the Brewers re-signing Mike Lamb.

- The Reds signed perennial fantasy letdown Johnny Gomes.

- Yahoo Sports believes the Cubs don’t need Peavy. You know who should make a mid-season run at him? The Brewers…

Other News

- Here’s a schedule for Brewers on Deck this weekend