Andre Berto

Brad BathgateContributor IJanuary 21, 2009

Andre Berto appears average to me. He’s not busy enough and one of the things I like to look at when watching a fighter is how well schooled he may be. And then I’m looking to see who he has in his corner.  I didn’t recognize any of corner men and he was still dry by the time he and his opponent touched gloves. I then checked Andre’s record he likes to play with his weight, like most fighters today do. And if he wants to be number one in this sport, then he’s going to start taking control of his eating habits.

            How would he fair against tougher opponents like Mosley? Well I see him being out boxed my Mosley but not stopped. As for Judah? Everybody has Judah’s number now so he doesn’t strike fear anymore. Andre could beat Judah, but he has to stay busy. And when I mean busy, he has to throw more punches. Judah doesn’t like getting hit so Andre would have stay on top of him for a win. But it won’t be easy.

            The Cotto fight would be tough to call right now and I see him and Clottey being a boring fight. Margarito is a real Welterweight. He’s strong and he stays busy. I simply see Margarito walking Andre down and Mugging him.