Simeon Thoresen: "I Received an Early Christmas Present"

G DAnalyst IIIApril 7, 2012

Nettavisem; Paul Weaver
Nettavisem; Paul Weaver

Sometimes Christmas presents come a little early.

For UFC newcomer Simeon Thoresen (16-2-1), that present didn't come in wrapping or even in a gift bag.

Instead, it came by a simple phone call.

"It was just before Christmas when my manager broke the news to me," Thoresen told Bleacher Report.

"I had found out that I would be joining the UFC for a multi-fight contract. It feels great to be a part of the super league of MMA," said Thoresen. "I feel that I am ready to step into the Octagon and show what I am capable of."

Thoresen won't have an easy task at hand when he arrives in Sweden for his UFC debut.

The Norwegian will meet Sweden's own Besam Yousef (6-0), who will also be stepping inside the Octagon for the very first time.

Not only will Thoresen be stepping in Yousef's home country, but he'll be battling a man who's never been defeated before.

However, according to Thoresen, an undefeated record doesn't mean an opponent is unbeatable.

"I have fought in Sweden before," said Thoresen. "That aspect of it doesn't really concern me at all anymore."

"I have fought 20 times in my career, so the days of being worried about an undefeated fighter are long gone," said Thoresen. "Any fighter can be dangerous and it's completely irrelevant to what their record is."

Where there's confidence, there's also respect. Thoresen knows more than anyone that you can't approach a fight overconfidently.

Doing so could lead to a quick departure from what he refers to as the super league of MMA.

"I know [Yousef] will be very determined to kick off his UFC career with a win. He's seems like a strong guy with good all around skills. I am happy with the matchup,"said Thoresen. "Then again, I would be happy to fight anyone at my weight."

"I'm an all-around fighter, too, and feel that I can dominate the fight. I'm not concerned about any particular area because it's MMA and any area can be dangerous," said Thoresen.

At the end of the night, Thoresen will do whatever it takes to have his hand raised. However, fans and those in attendance shouldn't expect Thoresen to be overwhelmed with the amount of pressure involved with a UFC debut.

Instead of looking for the early knockout, Thoresen plans to control the pace of the fight and simply win at all costs.

"If I could give an answer to how I'm going to win, then I could give everyone the future lottery numbers," said Thoresen. "I'm not bothered by which way I win."

"As long as I win, I'll be happy."


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