Update on the Future of Florida Championship Wrestling

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IApril 7, 2012

When the WWE announced that it was planning on removing Florida Championship Wrestling from Bright House Sports, most wrestling fans were aghast upon hearing the awful news, and were wondering on what direction the company was taking in terms of FCW.

It was originally reported that Bright House Sports, the television affiliate that airs FCW was shutting down, and the WWE was planning on moving the territory to Stamford, Conn.

The WWE was also looking to find another network for FCW, and it was reported that the WWE may create an additional developmental territory in Stamford as well.

Some intriguing information has surfaced regarding the future of Florida Championship Wrestling.

According to WrestlingObserver.com in the April 7th edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented that Bright House Sports received a phone call from the WWE approximately two days ago, informing them that the WWE has changed its mind on removing Florida Championship Wrestling from the station for the time being.

Meltzer also commented that the WWE was originally planning to pull FCW out in early May, after the final TV tapings were completed.

But the WWE has allegedly asked Bright House if FCW can stay with the station temporarily, at least until the sixth of May or possibly longer.

Meltzer went on to say that FCW TV tapings and house shows are still scheduled until early May, and he also speculated that the WWE seems unsure on what it wants to do in terms of FCW.

He went on to comment that if the WWE were clear on what it wants to do with FCW, the company would have had a solid, premeditated plan for the promotion by now.

With this new information, it seems on the surface that the WWE is not adamant on what it really wants to accomplish in regard to the long-term future of Florida Championship Wrestling.

Several FCW superstars have made the WWE's main roster, so that is one excellent sign that the company is starting to rethink its plans to keep FCW superstars off of WWE TV and into eternal developmental hibernation.

Wrestling fans will have to muddle through the news on the developmental territory, and hope that the WWE’s plans are really in FCW's best interest.


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