Brock Lesnar: 5 Reasons Why His WWE Return May Disappoint

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIApril 8, 2012

Brock Lesnar: 5 Reasons Why His WWE Return May Disappoint

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    What if he isn't that good?

    What if he wears out his welcome? Could he be soft? Did his time in the UFC change him in any way?

    Those will be the questions facing Brock Lesnar as he makes it back into the ring in the WWE.

    Lesnar has gone through the trials and tribulations associated with a fallen athlete—pain, sacrifice, disrespect (by Chris Jericho of all people) and many discussions about how such a dominant athlete could not become the greatest champion in MMA of all time.

    And now, the return of "The Next Big Thing" to the WWE means a great deal of things to many people; friends and foes alike.

    Here are some reasons Lesnar, the mountain of a man, may disappoint in his return to the WWE.

Older May Not Be Better

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    Time may heal wounds, but it also may leave you rusty and out of the loop.

    We heard a raucous cheer for Lesnar when he made his appearance in Miami and the F-5 he gave to John Cena was the "shot" heard 'round the wrestling world.

    But does it mean we will see the old Lesnar, or one who is betrayed by age or slowed by time?

    We worried about the same thing with The Rock and Chris Jericho. The Rock proved he is still every bit as potent as he used to be. Jericho was great in the ring and had proven to be a good angle for CM Punk. But Lesnar being bigger and everything he has been through over the last five years may prove to catch up with him.

Injuries and Illness

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    Lesnar has dealt with injuries, illness and backpedaling the past few years.

    Each time, he seems to be slowed by something beyond his control. Lesnar comes in like a lion and leaves sometimes looking like a mouth.

    While the UFC is more physical than WWE, it does not mean the big man has not been prone to injury. And with the more physical WWE and the athletes he has not faced yet or those whose game is not different, problems could still exist.

Performance Issues

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    There are many new wrestlers in the WWE since Lesnar's last run. How does he react to them?

    A match with John Cena is something we all want to see. Randy Orton also presents a nice challenge and great matches.

    But being away for a period of time, Lesnar may have a problem with performers who are quicker and maybe just as strong, like Mark Henry, Kane or even Sheamus.

Fan Reaction

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    If he is not as proficient, fans will let him know and in a hurry.

    The fans have now seen Chris Jericho and The Rock not only return, but they were very successful. Can Lesnar be as good at coming back and making an impact?

    Lesnar may also be at a disadvantage because he comes into the WWE after an extremely successful WM 28 where both of these returning veterans stole the show.


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    What happens with the new wrestlers in the WWE?

    Can there be chemistry with CM Punk, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes and others?

    That is crucial to the success of someone making the trip back up north. If two wrestlers have chemistry, there is gold.

    If Lesnar cannot make it work with the newer generation, he will be sent home quickly.