Rev Theory To Perform Randy Orton's Entrance Theme "Voices" Live on WWE Raw

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJanuary 20, 2009

The band Rev Theory will be coming to Monday Night Rawafter the Royal Rumble. Their lead singer Rich Luzzi did the vocals for Randy Orton's theme song titled Voices.

No word yet as to whether or not their performance will air on live television or whether it will be performed only for the live crowd. Either way, it will be their first major live performance of the hit song.

It would be interesting to see the band perform the song for Orton as he makes his way to the ring but that might be a bit of a stretch due to the fact that it might not fit with the tone of the program.

I'm certain Orton will have plenty of things to deal with as it is.

I might be looking too much into this, but it might be interesting to note that a popular band is coming live to Raw to perform the very night after Randy Orton competes in the Royal Rumble.

The WWE is also releasing the album WWE Volume 9: Voices on Tuesday Jan. 27, which will feature Orton's theme music as the title track.

I just learned today (January 21st) that their performance has been postponed. The reason is up for anyone's speculation but I'd imagine it would be because Randy Orton's storyline is getting too thick for any kind of distractions.