Oakland Athletics: 2008 Will Not Be Their Year

Tex StormContributor IFebruary 28, 2008

If you ask me, the Oakland A's are in for a pretty damned bad season. 

The Angels are going to waltz into the postseason this year, and the crop of children that Billy Beane is planning to field this season will be lucky if they finish the season over .500. 

Frankly, I'll be stunned if Joe Blanton doesn't end up traded by Opening Day.  Not that I'd mind that much; the guy can't pitch on the road. That probably has something to do with interuptions to his meal and snacking schedule. 

But if the A's have no Blanton then the only quality starter they'll have left in their rotation will be Rich Harden, and if he can play beyond the first month of the season without his arm exploding I'll be stunned.

Ok, all griping aside, I cannot really blame Beane for going into rebuilding mode.  It needed to happen. If I'm going to fault him at all it's for not doing this midseason last year when he might have been able to trick another team into taking Chavez and his overly inflated salary for some good prospects and when he might have been able to even unload Harden on some less than brilliant GM.

On the plus side, the Rangers and Mariners are still going to stink to high heaven in 2008, so that at least gives the A's a chance to finish in second.