Memo to NFL Mock Drafters: Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse

Dondi RaiderContributor IJanuary 20, 2009

How many NFL 2009 mock drafts are out there right now? One is too much! 

No offense to those who put them together because they take a lot of work, but get a grip. If you are going to take the time, please put the correct draft order of teams and don't include players that are returning to college for their senior year.

Do I have a beef about mock drafts and those who put them together? Nah. It's just the timing—there's a time and place for everything—and it ain't time yet!

There is an expression, "don't put the cart before the horse." Teams are scurrying around trying to fill coaching positions at this time of year. Then they need to figure out how these hires affect their schemes in all three phases—offense, defense and special teams. 

Next is the evaluation process for the teams’ current players under contract through the upcoming season, who fit these schemes. That’s followed by determining which of their own soon to be free agents fit or might fit the scheme. Then it’s onto evaluating other teams’ free agents for players that fit their scheme. And let's not forget, the ones that do fit the scheme do not necessarily fit the cap. 

UP next, the NFL network, and the NFL Scouting combine. At the same time, teams and fans alike wait around to see who is resigned, tagged or released before the Free Agency period begins. (BTW, what a crock that teams aren't fined for tampering with free agent before the FA period begins, but I’ll get at that another time!) 

When we talk Mock Draft and the Zodiac world still hasn't seen Aquarius, we definitely put the cart before the horse. Dondi’s reminder—God Bless America!