Whatever Happened To: Miami's Last Championship Quarterback, Ken Dorsey

Michael FelderNational CFB Lead WriterApril 6, 2012

TEMPE, ARIZONA - JANUARY 3:  Quarterback Ken Dorsey #11 the University of Miami Hurricanes throws a pass against the Ohio State Buckeyes during the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl at Sun Devil Stadium on January 3, 2003 in Tempe, Arizona.  Ohio State won the game 31-24 in double-overtime, winning the NCAA National Championship. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

Back in 2000, I was a high school sophomore, and I had this rising infatuation with Miami football. I was a bit young during their first run, simply remembering watching some of the old videos and whatnot, but in 2000, at 15, I was able to truly take it all in. The Canes were one of the first schools I remember that got on board with the new uniforms and, as a kid obsessed with how he looked on the field, that new look was just too cool to me.

2000 was also the year that Ken Dorsey got the start for the Canes. The boyish-looking, lanky kid from California was tasked with leading this machine of a football team, stocked with talent. We all know what happened to the stars of those Dorsey-led teams–they're balling in the NFL.

But what about that quarterback? Dorsey was phenomenal in college: two-time Heisman finalist, a national title, some All-Big East team appearances and plenty of records in Coral Gables. Perhaps you also remember that Dorsey was a seventh round pick in 2003. Or, if you were like most people, you tuned out after all the Canes got drafted the day before.

While you probably didn't see it, what with Jeremy Shockey balling and Andre Johnson killing it, but Ken Dorsey did have an NFL career. He went to the 49ers in the draft, where he played 11 games, starting 10 of them. Nothing impressive to see in his time with the Niners. The same can be said about his three years with the Browns. Nothing too remarkable about the guy's NFL career.

However, his next step in life has been pretty cool. Dorsey was doing some passing camps and helping work guys out for the combine when he got offered a job with the IMG Madden Football Academy. The offer came from a rival of sorts, Florida State's Chris Weinke. Dorsey took the job and started helping prepare quarterbacks for success by teaching them the ins and outs of the game. Great for Ken and great for the guys who got a chance to learn from someone who has been there.

Then in 2011 things changed for Dorsey again, this time he got offered a job to go from the sidelines, back into the show. The NFL was calling. Only it wasn't as a player, it was as an advanced scout for the Carolina Panthers. Sure, there was a little bit of controversy surrounding his hire, but the fact is Dorsey is slowly working his way up the NFL ladder. Good to see a guy that was a heck of a college football keep himself involved in the game.