WWE WrestleMania 28: The Unforgettable, Spectacular Experience

Vandie BarnardContributor IIIApril 7, 2012

Photo courtesy of wwe.com
Photo courtesy of wwe.com

Sunday, April 1, Miami, Florida. The spectacle that is Wrestlemania commenced as over 78,000 wrestling fans gathered to be entertained for the four-hour extravaganza. Within mere seconds of entering the grounds of Sun Life Stadium, fans from all walks of life displayed t-shirts representing their favorite superstars. Fans chanting anything and everything waited for the gates to open so they could enter the stadium.

Applause broke out all over as the gates opened, and everyone presented their tickets to get into their stadium seats to get ready to be entertained. Hours before the dark match even began, fans broke out in chants of "YES! YES! YES!" and "ROCKY! ROCKY! ROCKY!" And of course, there were the "LET"S GO CENA!...CENA SUCKS!" chants. The atmosphere was set and electrified even prior to the start of the show.

All around, you witnessed people talking to others they didn't know and hadn't seen before, talking about their predictions for the show, and just talking about wrestling. You might not have known much about the person next to you, but you knew they loved wrestling, and that was enough common ground to begin a conversation.

Sun Life Stadium erupted as the show kicked off and never settled one bit, except maybe during the divas match. Even then, those in attendance broke out into even more chants of "YES! YES! YES!" With every superstar entrance, with every near-fall and unforgettable moment made at WrestleMania 28, the crowd responded in accordance. You cheered, you booed and you laughed with those around you during every single movement that occurred.

My first WrestleMania experience certainly will not be my last. For every fan of wrestling and great entertainment, I encourage you to witness a live WrestleMania event. It is an experience like no other. There is not much that can compare to it.There are not many words to describe the feeling of being around thousands upon thousands of wrestling fans and chanting until you lose your voice. The WrestleMania experience is one that will never, ever be forgotten.