Texas Rangers: Looking for a Teacher in Omar Vizquel?

Chris BoatmanContributor IJanuary 20, 2009

As I'm sure you have heard by now, unless you just hate baseball and try to avoid everything about the great game, the Rangers have over came what could of been one heck of a Texas sized mess.

Not only was Michael Young very close to saying good bye to the boys in blue, but the Rangers were about to be stuck  with a Un-tested short stop in Elvis Andrus and a big hole at third base. However the club somehow dodged a bullet and was able to keep Young happy and talk a big game around Elvis Andrus.

Being that as it may, one must question the reason why the Rangers are now eyeing one of the better short stops in the game today in Omar Vizquel?

If you buy into the hype that the Texas ball club is laying out there, you would think Elvis could walk on water! There for, not needing a back up, of a player with such skills as Vizquel.

So seeing Little O's (Vizquel) age, and that the Rangers are only interested in bringing him in as a back up, you must make the educated guess that Omar would only be here to groom Elvis and help his transition into the Majors. Thus being a high priced teacher.

Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that the Rangers are bringing up another talent for a shot in the Big's. However, do we really need to bring in another player such as Vizquel to teach this young man (Andrus) the ropes?

Is this not what the Rangers coaching staff is for?

Well, if not the coaching staff, could another veteran player on the Rangers squad such as, um, I don't know maybe Michael Young, help Elvis on his way to "stardom"?

I don't know maybe I'm going at this all wrong, who knows anymore. All I know is that it's the Rangers' universe and I just live in it.

In closing, if the Rangers some how get a great deal for Omar, then great! Welcome to the team, and note to the Rangers: let him play! And let Elvis back him up and maybe learn something that way.

Otherwise, please stop upsetting the players that are already here and seem happy in this organization and start focusing on the pitching situation!