BS? Yes, This Is

andrew thompsonCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2008

    Has anyone ever been to Assembly Hall, home of the Indiana Hoosiers? Well I have, and it's an amazing place. Great atmosphere, great fans, and just an overall great stadium.

    The place is perfect; except for one little thing.

    The fans are complete crybabies there.

    I mean fine, support your team and boo when it's approprite, but yelling travel after every turnover and even every possesion for the other team seems a little out of control to me. It actually made me think for a minute that the majority of the fans at that game had no class and no sportsmanship.

    At one point in the Ohio State game, the fans actually got vulgar. They began screaming bull s***. Now I know that most fans get excited when their team does good, and upset when they do bad, but turning to strong language seems a bit much.

    Now this isn't an article calling all of those fans idiots. This is just me saying that maybe the students should have listened to their mothers a bit closer.