My WWE: Fantasy WrestleMania 28

Will OwenCorrespondent IApril 6, 2012

My WWE: Fantasy WrestleMania 28

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    Hey, Bleacher Report! For all of you that have been anticipating it, I intentionally uploaded this a few days late, so this way the most people would be able to see it. We have one of the most action-packed WrestleMania cards in history and you guys are about to read about it.

    We have seven championships on the line and 10 total matches. Please be sure to share your feelings on the show, what you'd improve, etc. There is no need for a rating on this show solely because the ratings war does not start until next week.

    You are going to see the match of a lifetime as a headliner, so with all said, let's get to the show!

Match 1: Elimination Match for the Intercontinental Championship

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    The battle over the workhorse title in WWE has really peaked since Elimination Chamber, especially between current IC Champion Santino and former champion Cody Rhodes.

    Santino beat Rhodes two straight weeks to claim the belt, which caused an irate Rhodes to take his frustrations out on Miz and Ziggler during their match last week.

    These four combustible elements aside, the presence of the Mexican Aristocrat Alberto del Rio can’t be underestimated. Del Rio feels he hasn’t got any competition, so how will he cope with sharing the spotlight with four other men? Or will the crafty Mexican have a plan up his sleeve?

    Let’s find out as we head ringside…

    Ding ding! The bell rings.

    Tony Chimel: The following is a GAUNTLET match and it is for the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

    Cody Rhodes is out first to a sea of boos. The minute his music hits the crowd tries to make him turn around. He has his normal cocky, crazed smirk on his face.

    Striker: The former champ is here on the grandest stage of them all to get his title back and redeem himself.

    Matthews: He will have to pull out all the stops to beat another 5 guys when he is out here first.

    Santino Marella’s music blares out throughout Sun Life Stadium and the crowd is going crazy for Santino as he holds the Intercontinental high and proud.

    Matthews: The crowd is super hot for Santino today, hopefully he can reward them with a win.

    The referee takes the title and holds it up high and rings the bell as the two superstars lock up.

    Cody has the advantage and forces Santino into the corner of the ring; he puts his palms to Santino’s face and really pushes back choking Santino. Santino counters with a kick to the gut as Cody stumbles backwards. Santino charges but Cody lays him out with an elbow to the face. Santino gets on to his knees and Cody lands a boot to the head and picks him up.

    Cody drags Santino over to the corner and lays a fist to the gut and then a fist to the face. He Irish whips Santino to the opposite corners and he bounces off the turnbuckle. Cody grabs Santino’s neck twists him around and hits a swinging neck breaker. Cody raises his hand like he has this match won. He covers Santino…One...two...kick out! Cody looks frustrated.

    Cody runs back and bounces off the ropes, runs forward and jumps as high as he can to land a big knee drop. He climbs the top rope as the crowd roars, he sets himself up and is ready for a cross body.
    Cody goes for it as Santino rises and flies, but Santino catches him out the corner of his eye and rolls.

    Matthews: Ooo, Cody flies but nobody home today, and this could be the turning point.

    Cody slowly rises as Santino pulls himself up by the ropes. They both run at each other planning to hit a clothesline and they both go down. Both men are on the floor and the referee starts the count…one…two…three…four…five…Cody starts to rise...six...Santino jumps up to his feet a la HBK.

    Santino shakes off the last hit and runs from behind Cody and hits a running bulldog. Santino starts to feel the momentum change and waits for Cody to get to his feet and lands a massive dropkick to the face of Rhodes. Santino now positions himself, waiting for the Milan Miracle. Cody slowly rises and Santino spins him around to position him for the MM, but Cody lands and elbow to the back of the head and pushes Santino off. Cody charges to the ropes and bounces off to hit the Disaster Kick and smacks Santino right in the temple with his boot.

    Striker: Oh, what a massive boot to the face of Marella.

    Santino, however, doesn’t fall down but just stumbles backwards. Cody runs up behind him and grabs him, ready to hit the Cross Rhodes.  Santino reaches out and grabs Cody’s opposite arm in order to counter the Cross Rhodes into the Milan Miracle and hits it. He covers Cody. One...two...three!!!

    Tony Chimel: Cody Rhodes has been eliminated.

    Cody rolls out of the ring and lays face down on the mats outside.

    Santino lays flat down on the mat as The Miz’s music hits and the Sun Life Stadium comes to life with hate for the awesome one as he sprints down the ramp towards Marella.

    Marella holds onto the ropes as he tries to steady himself. Miz slides in, stands up and grabs Marella to try and hit the Skull Crushing Finale, but Santino blocks the Miz with his hands and spins around, setting the Miz up for the Milan Miracle and hits it. Santino rolls over and lies on top of the Miz and raises his leg…one…two…three!!!!

    Tony Chimel: The Miz has been eliminated.

    Santino is gasping for air as the Miz rolls out and realises what has happened.

    Matthews: The Miz definitely isn’t feeling so awesome right now, and that may have been one of the quickest matches I've seen.

    Dolph Ziggler enters the arena now and runs down the ramp to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

    Santino isn’t even able to get to his feet when Dolph slides in and immediately applies the sleeper hold to Santino. Ziggler wrenches back to cut off air to Santino as his face turns bright red. The crowd begins to chant "Santino." Santino starts to rise with Dolph Ziggler on his back. As he reaches his feet, Ziggler’s face is in shock as he tries to pull Santino down. Santino chooses to run backwards to the corner to knock Ziggler off. Dolph drops to floor.

    Santino pulls himself together and bounces off the ropes to clothesline Dolph over to the top rope and on to the outside. Santino uses this chance for a breather.

    Matthews: Woah, what is Cody Rhodes doing with the Intercontinental Championship?

    Cody Rhodes charges into the ring with the title belt as Marella turns around looking shocked, taking the title straight to the face. Santino hits the ground hard and looks out. Cody slinks out of the ring with that crazed smirk and walks up the ramp to the back.

    Ziggler gets back into the ring  and pulls Santino up as he stumbles backwards. Dolph hits the Zig-Zag and covers Santino…One…two…three!!!!

    Tony Chimel: Santino has been eliminated.

    Striker: God damn, Santino was screwed out of the title, but now we know there will be a new champion crowned. What a way to start off WrestleMania!”

    Alberto Del Rio’s music hits and gains massive heat from the crowd. He struts down the ramp to meet Ziggler, who has risen and is ready for Alberto.

    Matthews: It's down to the last two men—Alberto taking on Dolph, winner takes home the title.”

    They both go to lock up, but Dolph shoves Del Rio against the ropes and laughs. Del Rio looks frustrated and goes to lock up again, but instead hits some quick, hard kicks to Ziggler’s ribs. Ziggler holds the ropes for balance to stay up after those kicks, but Del Rio lands some more straight to gut of Ziggler and he falls down. Del Rio grabs Ziggler by the neck and drags him to the centre of the ring. As he sits upright, Del Rio bounces off the ropes and lands a drop kick to the back of Ziggler.

    Ziggler is on the ground; Del Rio begins stomping on Ziggler’s right arm and then stands on it, using the rope as leverage. Ziggler screams in pain. As Del Rio steps off, he picks up Ziggler and Irish whips him against the ropes and as he comes back, Del Rio hits Ziggler with a dropkick that sends him tumbling outside.

    The referee’s count has reached four when Ziggler crawls back into the ring…five…six…seven…Alberto still lays groggily in front of the desk, but Ziggler gets out of the ring and grabs Del Rio and throws him back into the ring. He seizes the moment and locks in the sleeper hold on Del Rio. Alberto looks lost and waves his arm around to try and get his balance back, but Dolph looks determined to keep this hold locked in. Del Rio slowly begins to get to his fit and lands an elbow to Ziggler, then a second elbow and Ziggler releases the hold and Alberto gives a thumb to the eye to Dolph.  Alberto steadies himself, Ziggler focuses and Alberto hits Ziggler with a big enziguri. Del Rio covers Ziggler. One…two…kick out, near fall by Del Rio.

    Del Rio looks frustrated and lays boots to the grounded Ziggler, one after another until the ref pulls him away. Ziggler reaches his feet and Del Rio charges for another enziguri, but Ziggler quickly catches his boot and pushes Del Rio off so he spins around. Ziggler times it perfectly and hits a super kick, but Del Rio catches the legs and kicks out Ziggler’s other leg, forcing him to ground. Del Rio quickly jumps on Ziggler’s arm and locks in the arm bar in the middle of the ring. Dolph tries to crawl to the ropes but can't. He then tries to push over Del Rio into a roll-up, but Alberto is too strong as Dolph taps.

    Tony Chimel: Here is your winner and the NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, ALBERTO DEL RIO!

    Del Rio holds the title high and makes the referee strap it around his waist as Dolph holds his arm and rolls out of the ring.

    Matthews: A fantastic bout with a new champion crowned to start off WrestleMania 28!”

Match 2: Christian vs Zack Ryder vs Richie Steamboat for the Cruiserweight Title

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    The feud over the Cruiserweight belt on SmackDown has been one of the most intriguing heading in to WrestleMania. In the last few weeks, we’ve learned that Captain Charisma orchestrated the attack that’s kept Richie Steamboat out of action for several weeks. 

    Was it a desperate act from a desperate champion who knows his time is running out? We should know the answer at the outcome. The additions of Zack Ryder and Christian’s lackey, Heath Slater, give a different dynamic to the match.

    What roles will they play as this battle for the Cruiserweight Title gets underway!

    Up now, we have a triple threat match for the Cruiserweight Title.

    A promo airs first of when Richie was injured, short parts of Richie’s segments and Ryder and Christian's last match, as well as Christian's latest promo and Heath Slater attacking Ryder at No Way Out.

    Christian's theme hits to instant heat. He walks out alongside Heath Slater. They taunt the fans. Heath is applauding Christian as he holds up his belt. He then places it on his shoulder and walks to the ring.

    Zack Ryder’s theme hits to a decent pop. He strides out and he points to the fans. He then turns to Slater and Christian and walks to the ring, eyes firmly fixed on the two.

    Matthews: Well, Ryder doesn’t look very happy! He’ll be going all out to beat up Christian and Heath Slater for what they have done to him in his last few matches and his match at No Way Out!

    Striker: Yeah, Ryder looks like he could do it tonight. But more focus may be on the one man who’s out next! The man who has made a recovery to fight now at WrestleMania. And here he is!

    Richie Steamboat's theme hits. The crowd instantly goes wild. He walks slowly out onto the ramp and the fans go ecstatic. He points both hands to the sky and points at all the fans before running down the ramp (slapping each fan on either side’s hands) and into the ring. He mounts a turnbuckle to huge cheers before jumping off. The crowd begins to chant, "Richie."

    Striker: So here he is, Richie Steamboat! These fans love it!

    Matthews: Richie may have made a recovery, but will he be able to perform well enough to beat Christian and Ryder tonight?

    Ding ding!

    The match gets underway as Richie heads straight for Christian. He unleashes punch after punch to the head of Christian before hitting a dropkick that sends him down. Before Richie can continue, Zack Ryder runs at Richie and takes him out from behind. Ryder then sends Steamboat into the turnbuckle and starts to hit punches and kicks of his own. He takes Richie and sends him into the ropes and then hits a sidewalk slam.

    Christian is back up and hits a backbreaker to Ryder from behind and goes for the cover and gets a only a one-count. He locks in a leglock on Ryder, but he can’t hold it in for long as Ryder kicks the head of Christian and breaks free. Ryder tries the Rough Ryder already, but Christian reverses into a swinging neckbreaker.

    Richie is up and runs at Christian, who just sends him over the ropes and to the outside. On the outside, Heath Slater sees his chance and kicks at Richie’s body before dropkicking his crawling body back down.

    Matthews: There you see Christian's advantage he has with Heath Slater in his corner backing him up and getting involved whenever he can.

    Striker: I wish he would just stay out of the way; I want to see this match won fairly, not because of some stupid lackey!

    In the ring, Christian has applied a sleeper to Ryder who is struggling to break free. After a few minutes in the hold, Ryder appears to be totally out. The referee lifts Ryder’s hand and drops it for one. Again he does it, but this time Ryder’s hand doesn’t drop. He doesn’t fight back, but he isn’t out yet.

    Christian releases the hold and laughs. He drags up Ryder and hits a DDT. Dragging him up once again he hits a suplex before going for the cover. He only gets a two-count, though.

    On the outside, Richie is back on his feet. He rolls into the ring behind Christian and hits him by surprise with a roundhouse kick. Steamboat goes for the cover on Christian, but he only gets a two-count. Richie mounts the turnbuckle. He looks ready to fly! Heath tries to knock him off the turnbuckle, but a kick from Richie knocks him away. Christian, though, pulls the rope and Richie falls to the mat. All three men are down in the middle of the ring

    Matthews: This match seems like anyone could win this. It’s been interesting to watch so far.

    Striker: I know, Josh. I can’t seem to predict a winner. It seems all even.

    Ryder is up first followed by Christian. The two trade blows in the centre. Richie gets up and dropkicks Christian in the back. He then turns to Ryder and sends him into the ropes before hitting a hurricanrana! Christian is back up and tries to take Richie by surprise, but he only eats a huricanrana of his own! With both men down, Richie points both hands to the sky to huge cheers.

    Striker: Richie is on fire! He is more than ready for this.

    Matthews: He certainly seems it. Richie is doing very well.

    Richie picks up Christian and sends him into the turnbuckle. He then runs at him and hits a flying clothesline. Christian remains in the turnbuckle and Richie pulls him up to the top turnbuckle. Both men are on the top. Richie looks for a huge tornado DDT from the top! Heath gets on the apron and tries to save Christian, but Richie pulls Heath onto the top as well and performs a double-tornado DDT from the top rope!! Heath and Christian’s heads smash the mat and Richie clambers to his feet. The fans are going mad.

    Matthews: How about that for a move! My God, Christian may have been broken in half.

    Striker: And what about Heath? He landed very badly in that! He may have broken something! That’s Richie for you; he doesn’t care for himself, he only wants to win!

    Heath rolls out of the ring. Christian is down in the middle. Ryder is to his feet behind Richie. He turns and...ROUGH RYDER! Zack hits the Rough Ryder! He goes for the cover. One...two...but Christian manages to break it up!

    Ryder can’t believe it! He drags up Christian and tries to hit the Rough Ryder on him, but Christian pushes him away. Ryder runs at Christian, but Christian reverses into a spear! Now Christian heads to the ropes. He gets to the top and leaps off, connecting with a frog splash on Ryder! He goes into the cover but only gets a count of two.

    Christian waits for Ryder to get to his feet. Ryder is up and turns round only to be hit with the Killswitch by Christian! Christian is about to go for the cover when Richie turns Christian round. He grabs him in a DDT type lock, but then leaps over onto his back with Christian still in the hold!

    Matthews: What was that? That move was astonishing! Pure brilliance by Richie.

    Striker: I know—to be able to have him in that lock and then leap into a neckbreaker type position and bring him down like that?! What is that?!

    Richie is about to pin him when Heath grabs his legs and sends him to the outside. Richie is on the outside and Heath hits a big boot that sends Richie flying. In the ring, both Ryder and Christian are down. Ryder slowly gets to his feet using the ropes. He goes to Christian and is about to hit a Rough Ryder again on him, but Heath is on the apron and hits Zack from behind. Zack turns round to confront Heath, who leaps off the apron. Richie comes to help, though, and hits that same DDT/neckbreaker type move on Heath, who lands hard on the outside. But in the ring, Ryder turns to face Christian, who performs a roll-up pin on Ryder. Christian gets the one...two…three!

    Winner and still Cruiserweight Champion, Christian! (Match time: 10:14)

    Christian instantly rolls out of the ring and grabs his belt. He celebrates and taunts the fans and Richie and Zack while walking up the ramp. He leaves Heath, who is still down on the outside. Zack is in the ring looking shocked and unhappy while Richie sits on the outside, head in his hands.

    Matthews: Well, Matt, that was a brilliant match. Christian managed to win, though, thanks to the work of his lackey, Heath Slater.

    Striker: Thanks to him, Ryder was pinned. I’m glad Richie hit that move on him, he deserved it! Heath just couldn’t stay out of it.

    The camera zooms to Christian, who is at the top of the ramp, holding his belt high.

Match 3: Team Sheamus vs. Team Barrett

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    We get a brief video package before the participants make their way to the ring. After some heated tension among the Empire Alliance began, it was tough to resolve. The inciting action was at the Royal Rumble when Sheamus eliminated his fellow European in Wade Barrett. From there, the feud has been tough to stop, as the two have tried to recruit members, claiming that there is no problem in the Empire Alliance and that only the true European will win. Well, we’ll see soon who the "true European" is.

    Wade Barrett comes in for a good pop and a band around his arm with a big “C” on it. Triple H and Skip Sheffield enter together to Triple H’s theme. That gets a huge pop. Sheamus (with the same band), Kozlov, Ryan and Regal enter together to the Empire Alliance’s theme.

    Lillian Garcia: This match is a captain falls elimination tornado-tag match.

    Immediately, everybody starts throwing rights. Triple H and Mason Ryan are both exchanging rights and lefts. Triple H runs and lands a running knee to the chest. Kozlov hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Skip Sheffield.

    Meanwhile, Barrett and Sheamus are evenly matched, with Sheamus going for a big kick to the gut of Barrett. Sheamus hits a Celtic Slam, which is a Death Valley Driver.

    Triple H and Sheamus start going at it, with HHH getting a good DDT in. Vladimir Kozlov lands a spinebuster on HHH, followed by a scoop slam on Skip Sheffield.

    Mason Ryan gets up and hits a sidewalk slam on Wade Barrett. Kozlov and Ryan leave the ring and attack Triple H and Skip Sheffield, who are also out of the ring. Barrett and Sheamus stare each other down. Sheamus goes for his Brogue Kick, but Barrett ducks and rebounds with a clothesline to the face.

    Barrett goes to the second top turnbuckle and hits a cross-body on a groggy Sheamus. He pins him:! Vladimir Kozlov gets his leg in. Kozlov keeps stepping on the head of Barrett until Sheamus has enough time to get back up. Sheamus goes for a Celtic Cross, but Triple H runs into the ring and blindsides Sheamus. Now Sheamus and Hunter are going at it. Triple H delivers his infamous knee-to-the-face facebuster.

    Triple H covers Sheamus up: one...two...kick out! Triple H is in “beast mode.” He takes Sheamus and lands his spinebuster. He goes on even more of a rampage and knees the Moscow Mauler out of the ring. Mason Ryan slides back in the ring and hits his own spinebuster on Wade Barrett. He then does a Batista, going insane in preparation for a big move. He goes for a powerbomb on Barrett and hits it: one...two…rope break!

    Skip Sheffield runs back into the ring; he and Triple H team up on Vladimir Kozlov. Kozlov is eventually knocked over the top rope by a clothesline from Sheffield. Triple H now sets his sights on Batista Jr. He is almost taken in for a Mason Bomb, but he turns it into a facebuster. Triple H then hits his Pedigree.

    Triple H goes to pin him, but Sheamus breaks off from Barrett and delivers a pain-dealing Brogue Kick. Triple H rolls out of the ring to prevent being pinned. Now inside of the ring, we have Barrett, Sheffield, Sheamus and Ryan (who is still on the ground from Triple H’s Pedigree). Sheffield goes to the second rope and tries to hit a cross-body on Mason Ryan, who is starting to get up. Ryan catches him and turns it into a T-Bone Suplex.

    Sheffield is down in the center of the ring; Ryan crawls over and pins him as Sheamus attacks Barrett: one…two….three! Now it’s Barrett in the ring against Sheamus and Mason Ryan. Regal jumps up to the mat and goes to the top turnbuckle. The referee starts reprimanding him. As Regal does this, Ryan pulls out a chain and wraps it around his arm. He delivers a huge right to the face of Barrett and covers him. The referee turns around for the pin but sees the chain in Ryan’s hand and disqualifies him.

    Barrett is on the ground and Sheamus goes to pin him. The referee refuses to count because Barrett is on the ground due to an illegal maneuver.

    Sheamus leaves the ring and goes to Triple H. He Irish whips him into the steel steps and starts pounding his chest. He takes the Game and delivers a Celtic Cross on the steel steps. He then picks him up and rolls him into the ring to pin him: one…two…three!

    Now it’s down to Kozlov and Sheamus versus Barrett. Kozlov goes for a big boot as Barrett is groggily standing, but the Englishman ducks and hits a light spinebuster. As Barrett goes down to pin, Sheamus attacks him from behind.

    Kozlov gets up in a few seconds and puts Barrett in the Moscow Death Lock (Camel Clutch). Barrett starts crawling and looks pretty faint. He keeps crawling and somehow makes it to the rope. The referee tells Kozlov to release the hold, but Kozlov only tightens it: one…two…three…four…five!

    Now it’s down to Sheamus and Barrett. Sheamus wastes no time. He picks Barrett up and Irish whips him into the turnbuckle. Sheamus delivers another Brogue Kick. Barrett does not fall over, because the turnbuckle catches him. Sheamus then takes Barrett onto his back and climbs the turnbuckle. Sheamus picks Barrett up over his head and goes for the Celtic Cross. Barrett, however, slides down without any impact and is now holding Sheamus from the apron. He delivers a Wasteland and covers Sheamus up after about 10 seconds of recovering: one…two…three!

    Barrett slowly gets up in the middle of the ring and the referee raises his hand.

    Winner: Team Barrett

    Time of Contest: 11:31

Match 4: 4 Corners Match for the World Tag Team Championship (Raw)

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    The Hart Dynasty enters first for a loud pop, followed by the Rotundos, who get a small amount of heat. Next up are the Cólons, accompanied by Rosa Mendes, who get a lot of heat, while the Dudley Boyz gain an enormous pop from the crowd.

    Tyson Kidd, Bo Rotundo, Primo and Bubba Ray Dudley start in the ring at the beginning of the match. They all size up their opponents and in the end, Bubba Ray Dudley gets the first punch—straight to the head of Primo.

    Tyson bounces off the clothesline and hits a springboard lariat takedown on Bo Rotundo. Now Bubba Ray Dudley and Tyson Kidd lock arms in the middle of the ring.

    Tyson goes for an enzuigiri, but Bubba catches his legs in the air and spins him out of the ring and onto the mat. Primo comes in from behind and goes for the backstabber, but Bubba pushes Cólon out of the way and does a back somersault in recoil.

    Bubba and Bo are now sizing each other up, when Rotundo whips him into the turnbuckle of Husky Harris. Primo is able to get to his feet, jumps to the top turnbuckle and hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT on Bubba Ray.

    Primo then looks to Bo and hits a spinning kick. Finally, Primo tags in Epico. Epico, fresh off the hot tag, cleans house in the middle of the ring. He takes out Bo with an inverted Backstabber (facebuster). He sees Bubba slowly getting up (currently on all fours), steps on his back, hops on the top turnbuckle and hits a back flip on the Dudley just before he can get up.

    Finally, Tyson Kidd gets up and walks into the ring. He lands an out-of-nowhere Code Blue on Bo Rotundo and covers him:! Epico gets in the middle of everything and stomps the pin. Kidd and Epico start to exchange rights when Husky Harris walks in and simultaneously Irish whips both of them from the ring.

    Kidd slowly gets up and barely makes it to DH Smith, who is a missile as soon as he enters the ring. He hits a big boot on Bubba Ray and lands a nice scoop slam on Bo Rotundo. Smith sees Epico struggling outside of the ring and laughs. He starts taunting a little bit. Tyson yells, “Watch out!” but he is rolled up by Bubba Ray Dudley: one…two…no! Tyson Kidd lands a West Coast Pop-like move to stop the pin.

    Smith gets up, takes Bubba Ray Dudley and whips him so hard into the turnbuckle that he spears the metal base of the turnbuckle. Dudley, standing groggily, is completely disoriented, so Smith walks over and hits a Saito Suplex. He pins Bubba Ray Dudley just after Kidd hits D-Von with an enzuigiri: one…two…three! Bubba Ray Dudley is out of the match.

    Epico runs back into the ring and dives at Smith’s ankle. He tags Primo back in and together they hit a combined suplex on a just-risen Rotundo. Smith gets back up and Primo hits a Backstabber: one…two…three!

    Primo runs to the top turnbuckle and hits a diving elbow on Rotundo. Epico hits a top-rope dropkick on Harris to ensure Bo’s elimination: one…two…three! Primo looks to tag Epico in, but Kidd pulls him away and hits a facebuster.

    Kidd goes for a standard suplex on Harris, but the weight is too much for someone of Kidd’s size. Harris takes Kidd and goes for a scoop slam but Kidd, near the ropes, uses them to his advantage and hits a Spike Dudley-like bulldog maneuver.

    D-Von, just getting up from his enzuigiri, walks near the ring, but he's quickly trampled by a double top-rope dropkick from Primo and Epico. The two are both in pain, and this gets a terrific reaction from the crowd, and Rosa cheers, too.

    Kidd sees Harris get up and hits a very surprising swinging fisherman’s suplex. Rather than pinning Harris, he locks in the Hart Sharpshooter. The crowd is on their feet, as there are only five people left. Harris taps out pretty quickly.

    Epico and Primo enter the ring together and stand on opposite sides of the ring. Epico delivers a right to Kidd, Kidd in return walks across the ring and is given a right from Primo. This goes on about five times until D-Von pulls Epico out of the ring.

    He takes Epico and hits a scoop slam onto the announcer’s table, which is technically legal. Bubba Ray, still standing outside of the ring after being eliminated, runs in with D-Von and the two throw Primo out of the ring and on top of Epico.

    They see Kidd standing around, trying to recover. Bubba hits a scoop slam on him and then the Dudley Boyz hit Whassup? on Tyson Kidd. Then we hear Bubba Ray say what Miami has been waiting for all night: “D-Von! GET THE TABLES!”

    D-Von leaves the ring and gets a table and a chair. He opens the chair up and puts it under the table, almost directly in the center. D-Von and Bubba hit a 3D on Kidd but the way the chair is placed, Kidd not only breaks through the table, but his torso is also destroyed by the chair.  The referee starts yelling at the Dudley Boyz and points outside of the ring. D-Von Dudley is disqualified.

    We’re down to three people, with all of them having been broken through tables. The carnage is still visible inside and outside of the ring. Primo gets up first and stands Kidd up. Kidd, already falling over from pain, gets hit with a Backstabber: one…two…three!

    Rosa is very jumpy, and the Cólons are tag team champions! Primo raises his and Rosa’s hand in the middle of the ring while Tyson and Epico are both knocked completely out.

    Winner: Primo and Epico (w/Rosa)

    Time of Match: 16:32

Match 5: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship

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    This is a dream match. The two best wrestlers in the world facing off. All the signs of this match point to it being an absolute classic. Both men can relate to being the underdog. They’ve fought from the indies to the top of the WWE.

    There’s a tremendous amount of respect between both men, but their former indy buddy, Dean Ambrose, has tried to shake things up. Remember, Ambrose helped John Cena beat the team of Punk and Bryan just a couple of weeks ago.

    Will Ambrose have a part to play in this match, or will we see an absolute classic?

    We’re heading ringside...

    As we come back from the promo video for this match, we hear Daniel Bryan’s music hit and he comes out to the ramp, holding his briefcase. He stands and takes in the huge reaction from the Miami crowd. He points to the WrestleMania stage and his briefcase and makes his way to the ring.

    Next, “Cult of Personality” hits as the straight-edge WWE Champion, CM Punk, makes his way out to the stadium. Punk looks pretty confident as he tells us that it’s “clobberin’ time.” Punk makes it into the ring. He’s posing at each turnbuckle, holding the title in his hands and screaming “Best in the World!”

    As Punk gets down from the final turnbuckle, he turns around just as Daniel Bryan nails him with the Money in the Bank briefcase!

    Matthews: What the hell was that? Punk’s completely out of it!

    Striker: I can’t believe that. What’s Daniel Bryan doing?

    With Punk unconscious, Bryan hands the briefcase to the referee and tells him to ring the bell! There’s nothing the referee can do except start this match. Punk hasn’t moved since getting hit with the briefcase.

    Bryan stands over Punk in the middle of the ring and shouts at the crowd “I’m the best in the world!” before pinning the fallen champion to win the WWE Title!

    Winner and new WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan.

    Post-match, the crowd in Miami is going absolutely off the chain! They can’t believe what they’ve seen, and Bryan’s getting booed out of the stadium. They’re all over him. Bryan turns his back and walks back up the ramp as Punk comes to in the ring.

    He looks really irritated at Bryan! He asks the ref what happened as we see a replay of Bryan hitting Punk with the briefcase.

    Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, I don’t know what to say. The Daniel Bryan we saw tonight isn’t the one we know. Why did he do this?

    Striker: The lure of the WWE Title can drive some men to do crazy things. Bryan obviously has his reasons, but the WWE Universe has been cheated here! One thing’s for sure, SmackDown is gonna be really interesting next week!

Match 6: Shelton Benjamin vs. Drew McIntyre for the Euro/U.S. Belt

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    Lillian Garcia: This hardcore match is set for one fall and is for the United States and European Championship, as well as Layla’s managerial rights.

    Shelton Benjamin enters the ring for a pretty good pop. He and his United States championship are very chipper. McIntyre, on the other hand, looks angry after the recent events between Layla and Shelton.

    We see a great video package in the meantime of McIntyre and Benjamin’s recent rivalry, stemming back from their days at the Royal Rumble and weeks later. We see a clip from Raw a few weeks back when McIntyre left Layla and Shelton stepped in and tried to get involved.

    We see the two of them arguing backstage over her. We then see the ladder match where Shelton and Drew "tied." Finally, Shelton is shown winning the WrestleMania battle royal and rather than challenging Randy Orton, he wanted a shot at Drew’s belt and Layla.

    The two lock arms in the ring and have a test of strength. McIntyre wins and goes for a hammer suplex, but Shelton ducks out of the way and hits a spin kick. He leaves the ring and pulls out a steel chair.

    Drew McIntyre stays in the ring as a form of protection. Shelton comes back in and goes for the chair shot, but McIntyre cleverly pushes the ref in the way and he absorbs the impact. The two of them start brawling and McIntyre hits an atomic drop, followed by a cross-body clothesline.

    McIntyre goes for an inverted neckbreaker, but Shelton spins out of it and lands a superkick. When McIntyre starts to get up, Benjamin bounces off the rope and hits a Jumping Implant DDT. He covers McIntyre: one...two...kick out!

    Benjamin takes McIntyre out of the ring with him. Benjamin rolls him onto the announce table after hitting a second spinning kick. Benjamin climbs to the top turnbuckle and sets his sights on the announce table. He lands an elbow drop and the impact is so great on McIntyre’s upper body that his body reacts by coiling into a ball.

    JR: I don’t believe it! How far is Shelton Benjamin willing to go for this belt and Layla?

    Jerry Lawler: I can’t even imagine what this night has in store for us with a match like this.

    JR: I’m not sure what will happen next, but I love every minute of it.

    After another 40 seconds, Shelton starts getting up. Since the match is hardcore, he pins McIntyre: one…two…kick out! Benjamin cannot believe it. Shelton takes a chair and sets it up so McIntyre’s back is lying on the seat of the chair (the chair is set up, and therefore McIntyre’s back is about two feet higher than his feet).

    Shelton goes to the Raw announce table and tries to hit a leg drop on McIntyre, but he rolls out of the ring and Shelton breaks through the chair. McIntyre crawls and finally makes it to his feet. When Shelton gets up, McIntyre goes for a few slow rights and hits a jumping reverse neckbreaker, which ends up injuring both wrestlers.

    Drew goes for a firemen’s carry gut-buster, but Benjamin slides out of it and hits a T-bone suplex. He pins McIntyre: one…two...kick out!

    Shelton hops onto the ring but does not want to go to the other side of the ropes. Instead, he jumps and pushes off the rope, attempting a Suicide Arabian Press, but McIntyre catches him and hits a facebuster.

    JR: I cannot believe that reversal. McIntyre is showing some fight after being completely knocked out from Benjamin’s leap of faith.

    McIntyre waits for Benjamin to get up and then goes for a Scotdrop. Benjamin tries to move out of it, but McIntyre prevents any reversal. He covers Benjamin: one…two…kick out!

    McIntyre puts on a finishing taunt and prepares to land his future shock DDT, which he hits. He covers up Shelton as the match is about to be over: one…two…no! The attempt was ruined by Layla stomping on the pin, nullifying it.

    She starts arguing with McIntyre and she even pushes him. This sets him off. He starts sizing her up and looks as if he’s about to hit her, until Shelton Benjamin gets up and lands an enzuigiri. He Irish whips McIntyre back into the ring and runs in as well.

    As soon McIntyre starts getting up, Shelton hits a second Superkick. Rather than pinning him, he turns around, where Layla is standing, and asks her to give him a steel chair. He pulls out but she holds on. She then pulls it back to her body and whacks him in the face with the steel chair. He retreats in recoil and falls right over McIntyre.

    The Chosen One rolls him up for the pin: one…two…three!

    Layla runs over to McIntyre and picks him up. She kisses him and holds the two championships in the air.

    JR: I cannot believe that selfish harlot betrayed Shelton. He actually tried to protect her and this is how she repays him? Talk about a good-for-nothing bi—

    Jerry Lawler: Watch it, JR. She did what she thought was best and at the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters?

    JR: Best my Oklahoma ass. She made one of her worst decisions ever.

    McIntyre and Layla walk out together for a terribly poor reaction.

Match 7: 4 Corners Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship (Smackdown)

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    A four-way tag match can only mean one thing. Absolute mayhem. There doesn’t seem to be any momentum behind the tag champs right now. They’ve been attacked and beaten by Hawkins and Reks over recent weeks.

    The unpredictability of Los Maestros will play a part here. Look for them to show some amazing lucha moves that deserve to be shown on the grandest stage of them all.

    The team with all the momentum going into the match is the powerhouse team of Hawkins and Reks. Over the last couple of weeks, they’ve had the tag champs' number. Will this be their WrestleMania moment?

    Or will the Fortunate Americans be the ones to profit? The cocky jocks, DiBiase and Swagger, both think that because of their skills, they’re destined to be WWE Tag Team Champions. Will WrestleMania make the Fortunate Americans?

    Let’s find out…

    We see a video recap of what’s been happening over the last few weeks as Josh Matthews and Matt Striker are in position.

    Matthews: Matt, this one is arguably the hardest match to call here tonight.

    Striker: Absolutely, Josh. The high-flying teams of Air Boom and Los Maestros will collide with the powerhouse teams of Hawkins and Reks and the Fortunate Americans. I think that Air Boom will just have enough to win this one.

    Matthews: I’m glad I’m not a betting man.

    The Fortunate Americans make their way out to the ring first, looking extremely confident for their first WrestleMania match. Los Maestros enter next to a pop from the Latin crowd in Miami! The third team out to the ring is Hawkins and Reks, the team with arguably the most momentum going in to the match.

    The champions are last to come out and they get a massive pop from the crowd! The crowd is heavily behind Air Boom before the bell’s even rung! With eight men involved, it’s going to be a tough job for the ref to control this match!

    As the bell rings, we’re underway. It looks like Sin Cara Azul is going to start off against Kofi Kingston. These two were part of the last PPV match, where Air Boom came out on top in a thrilling match. Kingston makes a quick, early pin attempt as he grabs hold of Azul’s waist and rolls him up for an early two-count!

    Azul’s thrown off his game by the early pin attempt. He charges Kofi, but Kofi ducks and Azul goes flying into the turnbuckle. Kofi goes to take advantage and puts Azul on the top turnbuckle. It looks like he’s going for a hurricanrana. Wait, Sin Cara Negro is distracting the referee!

    With his attention diverted, the team of Hawkins and Reks completely wipe out Azul and Kofi, who fall to the outside!

    Matthews: That’s why they call it high-risk, Matt.

    Striker: No doubt about it, my man. But no pain, no gain!

    With Hawkins and Reks turning to the crowd to celebrate their actions, Negro and Bourne are in the ring and hit dropkicks on Curt and Tyler, which knock them to the outside. Then, they both hit moonsaults on Hawkins and Reks! Six men are down on the outside now, which leaves the Fortunate Americans in a fortunate position.

    The camera pans to the faces of DiBiase and Swagger, who’ve not even been involved in the match so far, and they both smile at each other, as if to say, this is our chance.

    DiBiase rolls Evan Bourne back in the ring as Swagger shows his strength by throwing Sin Cara Negro into the ring. Both men are still feeling the effects of their high-risk offense. With Bourne down, DiBiase tags himself in.

    DiBiase and Swagger are quite happy to let these men take it out of each other before picking up an easy win. The ref tries to get both Bourne and Negro out of the ring as they’re not the legal men.

    Just as he manages to get it done, Kofi and Azul have been recovering ringside and have somehow made their way back into the ring. Both men are staggering about, still feeling the effects of that huge fall. Both men eventually crawl to their corners and tag in their partners, Bourne and Negro.

    Negro immediately hits Bourne with a series of kicks and catches him square in the temple. Bourne rolls to a corner, but it’s not his. Jack Swagger slaps him on the back and for the first time, the Fortunate Americans get involved.

    Swagger looks at Cara Negro and starts laughing. He looks over at DiBiase and they both continue laughing at Negro. As Swagger turns round, Negro nails him with a dropkick. Swagger gets up and rushes Negro, but he ducks a clothesline and hits a springboard moonsault on Swagger, who barely gets his shoulder up before three!

    Swagger’s clearly rattled and gets up looking shocked. Negro starts playing to the crowd. He turns around into a huge boot from Jack Swagger that knocks him to the outside. Swagger walks over to Cara Azul and hits him with a right hand. Los Maestros are both down. Hawkins and Reks decide to “help” Negro back into the ring.

    With Negro back in the ring, Swagger goes for a cocky pin and puts his boot on Negro’s chest, but he only gets a two-count. Swagger’s toying with Negro. He kicks him to see if there’s any life left in the Mexican superstar. He finds signs of life in him and picks him up. Swagger walks towards the team of Air Boom and throws Negro into them, meaning all four high fliers are out of the ring.

    Hawkins and Reks head straight for Air Boom and the teams start exchanging right hands. Hawkins and Reks get the advantage early and knock both men down. They pick up Kofi and whip him into the ring steps. Evan Bourne then runs the rail and tries hitting a head-scissors on Reks, but he catches Evan and rams him back first into the ring post. They then turn and walk up the ramp. It looks like they’ve done what they set out to do!

    On the other side of the ring, DiBiase and Swagger are taking liberties with Los Maestros.

    Matthews: It’s hard to keep track of all this action Matt. I think the legal men are Swagger and Negro?

    Striker: That’s right, Josh. The All-American American is looking to assert his dominance here.

    Swagger picks up Negro and walks up the ring steps and into the ring with him in his arms. A tremendous show of strength from the young Oklahoman. Swagger slams Negro down with authority and goes for a cover. He gets out at two. DiBiase is incensed and comes into the ring. He starts shouting at Swagger to get the job done, as Air Boom manage to make their way back to their corner.

    As the Fortunate Americans are arguing, Sin Cara Azul springboards on to the top rope and hits both men with a double dropkick. The crowd goes crazy for that show of athleticism! Tremendous spot by Azul. DiBiase rolls out of the ring, leaving Swagger and Los Maestros alone in the ring. With Swagger out of it, they turn their attention to DiBiase on the outside. Azul climbs to the top rope and flies off, hitting a huge-cross body on DiBiase.

    Meanwhile, on the inside, Negro is alone with Swagger. He hits him with a head-scissors and he rolls through the ropes to the outside.

    Matthews: Did you see that blind tag there by Bourne on Swagger as he was flying through the ropes?

    Striker: That’s a classic blind tag. Great instincts from Bourne there.

    As Negro goes to connect with a moonsault on the outside, from out of nowhere, Kofi Kingston nails him with Trouble in Paradise! Negro rolls back in to the ring as Evan Bourne climbs to the top rope.

    Matthews: Remember, folks, Bourne’s the legal man!

    With Negro down, Bourne points to the skies and hits a picture-perfect Air Bourne on Negro to get the one-two-three for his team.

    Winners (and still) WWE Tag Team Champions, Air Boom.

    Post-match, we see Azul checking on Negro, who’s still suffering from the effects of Air Boom’s finishers. Swagger and DiBiase walk back up the ramp arguing with each other as Air Boom celebrates with the fans.

Match 8: Undertaker vs. Kane

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    Taker is out first, rising up from underneath the stage in another classic 'Mania entrance. He gets the usual pop from the crowd on his way to the ring. Fire then shoots out of the stage as the masked Kane comes out. The crowd does not shy away, booing the Big Red Monster strongly. The referee calls for the bell and the match begins.

    Kane goes on the advantage early with a running clothesline. When Taker gets to his feet, Kane hits a massive European uppercut, sending the Phenom back down. Kane then lifts his opponent up and nails a waterwheel slam. He goes for the pin. One...two...kick out!

    The Big Red Monster continues his assault, hitting a pendulum backbreaker. Kane then goes for a big boot to Taker's skull but misses. Undertaker then goes on the attack with a shoulder block, followed up with a standing elbow drop. When Kane stands, he is immediately hit with a flying clothesline from the Demon of Death Valley. Taker doesn't stop there, lifting Kane up over his head and nailing a sidewalk slam. Almost immediately after the move, Kane rolls out of the ring for a breather. However, when he turns around, he is hit with a suicide dive from Undertaker. Both men are down as the ref begins his count.

    Taker gets to his feet first and quickly goes to work, Irish whipping Kane into the steel steps. Undertaker then tosses his opponent into the ring before going right back to work. Kane tries fighting his way back into it with a few punches, but Taker overpowers him and nails a powerslam. With the Big Red Monster down, Taker bounces off the ropes and hits a leg drop. He goes for the pin. One...two...kick out!

    Kane seems hopeless as Undertaker lifts him up and goes for a turnbuckle powerbomb. He hits it, causing Kane to smack hard into the corner. He tries recovering but is instead met with a big boot from Taker. The Phenom then signals the match is coming to an end. He lifts Kane up and prepares for a Last Ride but is reversed into a backbody drop. Kane struggles to stand as he begins his beat down on Taker. The Big Red Monster starts off by hitting a running one-handed bulldog, followed up with a nasty neckbreaker. Kane then pulls Taker to his feet and connects with bridging German suplex into a pin attempt. One...two...kick out!

    Showing a sick, demented expression, Kane puts his hand up in the air, signaling a chokeslam. When Taker gets to his feet, Kane nails a massive chokeslam! He goes the pin. One...two...kick out!

    Frustrated, Kane risks DQ by grabbing the referee by the throat. It looks as though he is going for a chokeslam that would get him disqualified, but he's stopped by Taker from behind. Kane falls to the ground and accidentally takes the referee with him.

    Undertaker then begins pounding away on his brother, hitting him with everything he has. Undertaker then clotheslines his brother over the top rope, bringing the action to the outside. The announcers move out of the way in case of emergency. They made the right move, as seconds later, Taker tosses Kane right over the announce table to the other side. With the referee down, Taker pulls off the top of the announce table. He pulls Kane on top of it and goes for a tombstone piledriver, but Kane reverses it into an inverted DDT. However, the table doesn't break. Frustrated, Kane lifts Taker up and goes for a powerslam through to table. However, Taker slips out of it. When Kane turns around, he is speared off the able into the side barricade!

    Both men are down as the referee gets to his feet and begins the count. As the referee counts to about seven, Taker is able to get to his feet and drags Kane back into the ring. Taker immediately lifts his opponent up and connects with snake eyes, followed up with a chokeslam. Instead of making the cover, Taker goes for the finishing touches with a tombstone piledriver. He hits hit and makes the cover! One...two...kick out!

    Taker is in complete shock! He was nearly positive his brother was finished, but the match is not over yet. Undertaker lifts Kane up again for another tombstone piledriver, but he slips out of it. When he turns around, he is met with a chokeslam attempt from Kane. However, Taker slips out in midair and locks in Hell's Gate as the two falls back down to the mat!

    Kane struggles his way to the ropes and is just inches away. He uses everything is his power, but Taker is just too strong. Kane refuses to give in, slowly losing consciousness. It looks as though Kane is fading, but suddenly, the Big Red Monster's hand slowly taps against the canvas. He tapped out!

    Your winner, The Undertaker.

    Taker celebrates his victory as the titantron shows 20-0! However, after a grueling match, he struggles to make it back up the entrance ramp. Meanwhile, Kane is unconscious and the referees are unable to lift him to his feet. 

Match 9: Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship

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    We start the Raw main event of the show with a video package. We see the progression of Rollins and Orton's relationship. At first, Rollins was the arrogant up-and-comer who scored a pinfall on Orton and deserved a title shot at the Royal Rumble. After losing a close match, Rollins entered the Rumble with the 30 spot with nobody in the ring, and therefore won a match at WrestleMania. Instead of fighting the Best in the World, CM Punk, he chose to take another shot at Randy Orton. The difference now is that Rollins has been five for five in singles matches since the Royal Rumble.

    Seth comes out first to some great heat. He is followed up by Orton, who receives a solid reaction from the fans. Randy takes a long look at his belt before handing it to the ref, understanding that tonight may be his last with the title. The bell rings and the match begins.

    Seth starts out on the offense, hitting a dropkick on Orton. When Randy gets to his feet, he is hit with a flying lariat from Rollins. Seth works quickly as he makes his way out to the apron. As Orton pulls himself up, Rollins nails a springboard tornado DDT. He goes for the early cover. Once...two...kick out!

    Seth lifts Orton up over his head and connects with a belly-to-back complete shot. Randy gets up as quickly as possible, but he's sent right back down by a single-knee facebreaker from Seth. Rollins quickly bounces of the ropes and hits a running shooting star press on Randy. Instead of going for another pin, Rollins waits for Randy to stand. When Orton gets to his feet, Rollins hits a step-up enzuigiri. He goes for the pin. One...two...kick out!

    Randy begins fighting back with a couple of punches, but he's quickly stopped by a kick to the gut from Rollins. Seth then follows it up with a flipping neckbreaker. Orton is hopeless as Seth lifts him up and nails a massive reverse belly-to-belly facebuster. Rollins' assault is ruthless and quick on Orton. He pulls Orton to his feet and hits a huge Asai DDT. Seth makes another cover. One...two...kick out!

    After a third near fall, frustration begins to set in for Seth. When Randy gets to his feet, Rollins goes for a Pele Kick, but Orton dives out of the way. Randy then picks up momentum, hitting a Russian Leg sweep. Seth is down as Orton connects with a knee drop. When Rollins gets to his feet, Randy hits a huge tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Orton then makes his way to the top rope and when Rollins gets to his feet, he is able to connect with a flying cross-body. However, Seth rolls through and makes the cover. One...two...kick out!

    Both men get up at about the same time, but Randy takes the advantage with a scoop powerslam. When Rollins gets back up, Orton connects with a Tiger suplex. Randy then grabs a hold of Seth and nails a straight-jacket lung blower. Orton tries following it up with a  German suplex, but Rollins elbows his way out of it. Seth then regains control with an STO. He taunts the crowd before heading back to the apron. He goes for a springboard clothesline, but Randy pulls the ropes down, causing Seth to go crashing back down to the apron. Randy then takes advantage, grabbing Rollins and hitting a rope hung DDT. He goes for the pin. One...two...kick out!

    Rollins is weak and must use the ropes to pull himself up. Meanwhile, Orton stares down his opponent with a sick, demented expression. When he gets up, Seth swings wildly but misses, and Randy hits an inverted headlock backbreaker.

    With the match seemingly coming to a close, Orton begins pounding on the mat, ready for his finishing maneuver. When Rollins gets to his feet, Randy goes for an RKO, but Seth pushes him away. Rollins then connects with a hammerlock legsweep DDT. Orton tries getting to his feet but struggles to even get to his knees. Seth then sees the opportunity and goes for a Avad Kedavra. He connects, driving his foot into Randy's skull! Rollins makes the cover. One...two...kick out!

    Rollins cannot believe that Orton kicked out and begins arguing with the ref. However, the momentary distraction gives Randy time to recover. When Seth turns around, Randy connects with a gut-wrench elevated neckbreaker. Rollins pulls himself up quickly, but Orton nails a brainbuster! He makes the cover. One...two...kick out!

    Randy looks ready to put this match away. He quickly lifts Seth up and goes for another RKO, but he's once again sent away. Seth then tries a clothesline, but Randy ducks and hits an inverted headlock backbreaker. Instead of going for another pin attempt, Orton picks Seth up and connects with a huge running sitout powerbomb! He makes the pin. One...two...kick out!

    Randy's expression shows nothing but complete shock. He turns towards the ref to argue but then defers back to Rollins. Orton lifts Seth up and goes for a full nelson slam, but Rollins slips out. When Randy turns around, he is met with a Flash Kick! Seth then drags himself up to the top rope. Orton is still down as Rollins goes for a moonsault. However, Randy pops up to his feet and hits a RKO in midair! He makes the cover. One...two...three!

    Your winner, Randy Orton!

    Randy struggles to stand as the referee hands him his World Heavyweight Title. After a few seconds, reality sets in and Randy is overjoyed by his huge win. Meanwhile, Rollins is still unconscious after a tough loss in his first WrestleMania match.

Main Event: The Rock vs. John Cena

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    The match that’s been years in the making. Once in a lifetime. Two generations collide as the captain of “Team Bring It,” The Rock, takes on the leader of the Cenation, John Cena.

    Walking into his first singles match in years, Rock couldn’t have a better opponent. Someone who dislikes him. Someone who carried the company when Rock was making movies. Someone who’s there every night. Someone who thinks he’s the best ever? His name is John Cena.

    The battle of words from both men has intensified in recent weeks as the pressure builds towards the biggest match WWE has ever seen. Will Cena shock the world, or will Rock be the hometown hero?

    Let’s find out, right now! 

    The crowd waits in anticipation for the match as music hits. Its good ol’ JR. Ross quickly walks down to the announce table as we see a massive video package of the feud.

    Ross: I cannot wait for this instant classic. We have a slobber knocker in store for us tonight here in Miami. Hello, Matt and Josh. Thanks for letting me join you guys tonight.

    John Cena’s music hits and the boos that he receives block out the sound of his entrance music. The amount of heat he receives makes everyone else who performed today look like they were crowd favourites. Cena stands at the top of the ramp, says, “You can’t see me” and runs down the ramp.

    “If you smell what the Rock is cooking!” hits and Sun Life Stadium goes berserk. Everyone in the crowd is on their feet chanting the Rock’s name as he storms down the entrance ramp. He jumps on the top rope and raises his arm like only the Rock can as the crowd pops even more.

    Cena decides not to wait for The Rock and knocks him off the top rope. The Rock hits the ground hard.

    Ross: Cena, very un-sportsman like there, just wants to do business.

    Cena goes outside and throws Rock into the steel steps and goes to the apron and pulls out a steel chair from underneath the ring. The referee is begging for Cena to get in the ring to start the match.
    Cena ignores the ref and turns around to see the Rock pulling himself up on to the apron and delivers a nasty chair shot. The Rock hits the floor; Cena hits him again and again and again and again. The sounds of the chair slapping against the Rock’s skin echoes throughout the stadium.

    Cena waits for the Rock to reach his feet and gives one last big chair shot to the Rock’s head and throws the chair away.

    Ross: God almighty, the Rock is busted open already and the match hasn’t even been officially started yet.

    The Rock crawls along the floor, blood pouring from his forehead. Cena picks up the Rock and tries to put him into the ring, but the Rock reverses it and Irish whips Cena towards the commentator’s direction. As Cena slides and smashes into and over the steel steps, the Rock follows and grabs a towel to wipe the blood away.  Cena rises to his feet and the Rock hits a thunderous spine buster on the outside mats. The Rock throws John Cena into the ring and climbs in after. The bell officially rings.

    The Rock picks up Cena and immediately puts him back down with a quick DDT. The Rock covers Cena…one…two….kick out! The Rock raises Cena to his feet and clotheslines him over the top rope towards the announcers. The Rock climbs out of the ring afterwards, still bleeding, and begins to take apart the Spanish announce table until there is no physical object left on it. Cena has risen by the time it takes the Rock to do this, and he lays a right and a left to the Rock, but the Rock counters with a gut kick and rolls John Cena onto the table.

    The Rock follows suit and jumps onto the announce table and lifts Cena up. Cena quickly kicks the Rock and sets up for a suplex to send the Rock flying over the security rail and into the crowd, but as Cena lifts the Rock, he counters and puts weight back in his direction to gain his feet and thrusts Cena’s hands off of him. The Rock wraps his arm around John’s neck and sets up for the Rock Bottom and nails it through the table.

    Ross: Oh my God! Rock Bottom through the table. Cena is gonna be in a world of hurt right now.

    By this time, the referee has reached a count of eight as the Rock picks up Cena, throws him back into the ring and runs in after him. The Rock covers him straight away…one…two…kick out!

    The Rock realises the position Cena is in right now and sets up for the People’s Elbow. He takes off the elbow pad and throws it into the screaming Miami crowd. He runs towards the rope, bounces off and jumps over Cena, but Cena rises quickly, lifts Rock up in the fireman’s carry and hits the Attitude Adjustment. He covers the Rock…one…two…kick out! Cena looks frustrated.

    Ross: See, that’s why these two are the best, they can just do that—make everyone's breath in the arena stop flowing.

    Cena sets up for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He says, "You can’t see me" to the Rock, bounces off the ropes, rubs his shoulders and goes to hit the fist, but the Rock rolls away.  The Rock reaches his feet and Cena goes to charge at him, but the Rock just stands and stares, so Cena stops. Both of them just stare at each other and start walking around the ring.

    Ross: The staredown between the Rock and Hogan 10 years ago is happening again with John Cena.

    They both lock up, but Cena pushes the Rock over and off. Cena charges over to the Rock and hits a running knee into the corner of the ring. Cena begins to climb the top rope and he looks like he is going for his Super Leg Drop, but the Rock quickly reaches his feet and jumps to the top rope off one step and holds Cena in a suplex position. Cena blocks that with his leg so Rock can’t jump. Cena somehow musters enough strength to lift the Rock onto his shoulders. Cena has the Rock set for an Attitude Adjustment from the top rope.

    Ross: No, Cena, you can’t do this. NO WAY!

    Cena jumps from the top rope and the Rock lands with a thunderous thud to the mat. Cena crawls over to the mat and covers the Rock…one…two…kick out!

    Ross: No way in hell the Rock kicked out!

    Cena jumps up in frustration. “NO WAY! NO WAY!” he mouths. He smashes his fists on the mat and covers the Rock again…one…two…kick out! Cena gets up and gets out of the ring and grabs a steel chair from the ring announcer.

    Ross: Not like this, Cena. Not like this—don’t do it!

    The Rock slowly reaches his feet and stumbles to face John as he raises the chair as high as he can. Cena swings the chair down on the Rock’s head, but he swoops in underneath the chair and hits the Rock Bottom!

    Ross: Oh the Rock Bottom, Rock Bottom!

    The Rock covers Cena…one…two…three!!!

    Ross: The Rock has done it, folks. After a year of waiting, he has bled and suffered an attitude adjustment from the top rope and many chair shots. He has completed his year-long journey. What’s next for John Cena after this loss?

    Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, THE ROCK!

    The Miami crowd goes crazy. Everyone reaches their feet and claps uncontrollably as the Rock goes to the top rope to do his infamous pose.

    Ross: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for tuning into Wrestleman…what the hell?

    All of a sudden, the lights go black. There is no light in the arena. The crowd goes silent. No one knows what is going on.

    Ross: Folks, I don’t know what to tell you. I've received word from backstage that they did not to do this and have no idea what is going on.

    Suddenly, fireworks go off from every different angle in Sun Life Stadium.

    On the titantron, the words appear: “THE WALLS WILL BE BROKEN!”

    Ross: No, it can’t be!

    "Break the Walls Down" echoes through the arena as a man with his back turned to the audience shakes his fists and spins around. The crowd pops like no other.


    Chris Jericho has returned and he walks down the ramp but stops before the ring and picks up the chair John Cena used. Rocky is leaning against the ropes with no energy left, he looks stunned. Jericho climbs in the ring with chair. The Rock charges at Jericho, but Jericho just smacks the Rock straight down with the chair. The boos go out throughout the arena. Jericho just keeps laying chair shot after chair shot until the Rock is motionless.

    Ross: Why? Jericho, why?

    He then walks over the Rock and locks in the Walls of Jericho. The Rock is writhing around in pain with nowhere to go. The official is trying to stop Jericho but he can’t. The Rock eventually passes out and Jericho still doesn’t even stop.

    Ross: For God’s sake, Chris, stop!”

    Jericho stops when security comes down the ramp. He exits the ring and walks off down the entrance ramp and poses at the top to end WrestleMania 28 as the boos close the show.

That's a Wrap

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