NFL Needs Patriots, Cowboys, Giants—I'm Not Excited Today

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IJanuary 18, 2009

Usually today is the big NFL day for me.   Even Mrs. Mets Police knows that I like the AFC and NFC championship games more than the Super Bowl.   While the last five years or so have given us some of the better Supes, traditionally it's a bad game.   Not the Conference Championships.   Four teams, two go home, two get hyped for two weeks (and can we stop with that and make it one week).

Today, I'm not feeling it dawg.

I even have to stop and make sure I get my matchups correct.

Eagles-Cardinals.   The Cardinals.  Who cares.  Nobody likes the Cardinals.   So I have to root for Philly by default.  

Steelers-Ravens.   The Ravens are one of the most boring teams in the league, and at least with the Steelers in we can (a) pretend it's the '70s and (b) shut up about Bill Cowher already.  

The NFL needs the bad guys.  We need Belichick to root against.   We need some speculation that Bill Parcells will leave Franchise X after the season.   We need the 40 year old quarterback who never won the big game (I guess that's Donovan this year).   We need T.O. doing something dopey.  We need the defending champion trying to repeat.

This year, eh.  I have the Tivo set.  I won't be there at 3:30, maybe around five I will start the early game and catch up during the commercials.  

Go Steelers?

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