Arkansas Should Fire Petrino for Cause and Send a Strong Message

William RamseyContributor IIApril 6, 2012

TUSCALOOSA, AL - SEPTEMBER 24:  Head coach Bobby Petrino of the Arkansas Razorbacks against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium on September 24, 2011 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The SEC has been a fixture atop the elite of college football for nearly a decade now.  They have speed, size and great staffs recruiting the best athletes to come to their respective schools.  There have always been whispers about cheating and recruiting violations among these 12 institutions.  However, other schools have suffered more than those of the SEC as of late for their indiscretions and lack of good judgment.  

It is one thing for a student athlete to get into trouble and hope they can improve.  These are still kids, and they are still immature to a degree.  I am not condoning some of their behavior, but you can almost forgive those offenses most would consider to be minor.  

Having said all this, Arkansas finds itself in the news for an entirely different reason these days.  Head football coach Bobby Petrino was involved in a motorcycle accident on Sunday night and suffered minor injuries, none life threatening.  We should all say our prayers for Coach Petrino and that should be the end of it.  There in lies the problem—you cannot take the story at face value.  

On the surface, that is the end of the story, and now we should put our focus toward spring practice. However, Coach Petrino failed to mention to the university that a female passenger was on the motorcycle at the time of the crash.  This female was not a family member, but rather a former Arkansas volleyball player who had been in an ongoing affair with Petrino and someone who Petrino had recently hired on his football staff.

All of these facts have come to light only when Petrino realized her name would be mentioned in the police report that had not been released when he spoke with the AD, and he wanted to try and get ahead of the story and salvage his image.  Now Arkansas has put Petrino on PAID administrative leave.  This is the outrage!  

If the SEC and Arkansas really want to send a message, they will fire Petrino and prohibit him from coaching in the conference ever again.  This affair and hire on his staff are unacceptable and goes against the morals Petrino coaches to his young boys on the team who believe in him and were brought to the University of Arkansas by him.  

No recruit or parent should ever allow Petrino to try and coax them into a position with a team coached by him again.  The man cannot teach morals to impressionable young men when his image is this tarnished and dragged through the mud.  

If the SEC and Arkansas are smart here, they will dispose of Bobby Petrino as fast as they can, and he will be nothing more than a bad memory come this time next year.  Forget paying the man, too. His behavior has pushed this program on its heels, and we do not need to compensate him for a job horribly done.  Send the message and send it now.  We will not tolerate this kind of behavior.