Chicago Bears Alternate Uniforms to Sport Orange Pants?

Patrick BouskyCorrespondent IIIApril 5, 2012

Say it isn't so, Nike...
Say it isn't so, Nike...

Nike has worked very closely with EA Sports prior to the unveiling of the new Nike designed uniforms so that Madden 13' would be able to be released on time.

The game designers were all very tight-lipped as to what Nike had in store for the NFL as far as how the uniforms would look, and the first wave of uniforms received rave reviews from the entirety of the NFL.  

That might be about to change for us Bears fans.

EA Sports has released an image of Madden 13' on ESPN, and unfortunately it appears that our beloved Bears will be clad in orange pants.  Now, because the alternate uniforms have yet to be released, it's unclear whether this would be our away uniforms, or the equivalent of our orange jerseys from previous years.  Regardless of what uniform it will take the place of, I think I can speak for most of Chicago when I say that I pray this is a hoax by EA Sports.  

Nike has done a splendid job thus far revamping the Chicago Bears uniforms without taking anything away from the classic look.  We are one of the only teams in the NFL that has avoided any radical failures as far as uniforms go, and I really hope that Nike doesn't mess that up.

What do you think B/R?