Ferrari Struggling With The F60

Billy SextonAnalyst IJanuary 20, 2009

Ferrari are having major problems with the F60, a German magazine reports.

Auto Motor und Sport experts have examined the car and have declared that the rear exhaust ports are illegal as they go against the new regulations regarding aerodynamic add ons.

The magazine says that exposing the ports as Ferrari has done is totally unacceptable with regard to the new rules for 2009. The fact that all other cars that have been launched have their exhausts mounted inside reinforces the statement.

Of course, this error shouldn't be too hard for Ferrari to make right.

Auto Motor und Sport also hints that the reason Ferrari withdrew from the multi-team test this week, is not because of the weather, but because of significant front wing problems. With these problems in mind, it is suggested that Ferrari want to remain as close to its base as possible.

So at the moment it isn't looking great for Ferrari, they have admitted they are behind with KERS and now two problems within a week of the F60's launch isn't what they had planned at all.