Dallas Mavericks: Who Should the Mavs Use at Point Guard?

Haddon Anderson@HaddonAndersonAnalyst IApril 5, 2012

Should Rodrigue Beaubois be the Mavs' starting point guard?
Should Rodrigue Beaubois be the Mavs' starting point guard?Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Jason Kidd was the clear floor general during Dallas' epic title run last year. His passing, game-management and crafty plays on defense were instrumental in their march to the NBA mountaintop.

Currently, Kidd is out with an injured groin, but even when he returns (in approximately a week or so), should he regain the reins to the Mavs' point guard spot?

The now 39-year-old Kidd has struggled throughout this year and perhaps he's finally reaching the point where he can no longer handle being a starter.

While his basketball IQ and court vision remain, his athleticism and ability to create are waning. What's more, he's shooting a dismal 34.6 percent from the field this season.

When Kidd returns, would the Mavs be wise to designate him to a reserve role? Should they allow Delonte West to govern the team as the chief point guard?

West has had a couple impressive performances lately, including a 15-point, five-assist outing (in 24 minutes) against Orlando last week and a 14-point (6-of-7 shooting) outing last night against Memphis.

West definitely provides the Mavs with more scoring punch than Kidd, as well as more athleticism.

The Mavs could choose Rodrigue Beaubois to inherit the point guard slot. Beaubois, who is more of a combo guard, has been praised for his potential for years. Unfortunately, he hasn't really made major strides, but perhaps a consistent role as the Mavs' floor general could spark his upside to life.

Using either West or Beaubois as the primary point guard for the remainder of the season could be a wise idea, especially with Kidd's tank running seemingly on empty.

However, there are downsides to West and Beaubois as well. They are average distributors and typically seek to create more for themselves than others. Therefore, their ability to direct the ship for the Mavs is rather limited.

As a result, the Mavs are in a predicament. Who do they give the point guard keys to for the stretch run and come playoff time? There are pros to each candidate, but there are also cons.

Quite frankly, maybe this is a dilemma that should cause Mavs fans to scoff. With all the hoopla surrounding superstar point guard (and Dallas-native) Deron Williams coming to Big D in the offseason, Mavs fans can perhaps live with sub-par point guard play for the rest of this season.

But if the Mavs are serious about making a run in the playoffs, they better soon figure out who is best suited to possess the point guard reins. As of now, while Kidd is aging before our eyes, he still boasts the most playoff experience. He's the safest choice.

No matter what, if this doesn't soon get figured out, the Mavs could be on the verge of an early playoff exit.