Kanye West Fell in Love with Kim Kardashian and Are Now Dating?

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterApril 5, 2012

So apparently, this is really happening. There's been buzz about Kim and Kanye being on and off for some time, but I've been really hesitant to believe any of it. Which is weird, because typically, I just believe any garbage that Kim K. is involved in. 

Obviously, there was some extreme denial happening on my part. Probably because I hoped Kim would finally retire from man-eating and then I'd never have to write about her again—since people only seem to care about her in the slightest right after she'd lured a new man into her bed and in front of her videocameras. 

Basically, the buzz is that Kim and Kanye (already dubbed Kimye) are now officially an item and Kanye admitted in a new track that he was in love with Kim right around the time she started dating her ex, Kris Humphries. Seriously, Kris Humphries just can't catch a break. The lyrics: 

And I'll admit fell in love with Kim 
Around the same time she fell in love him 
Well that's cool 
Baby girl do your thing 
Lucky I didn't have Jay drop him from the team.

Alright, I officially feel bad for Kris Humphries. But it seems things could have been a whole lot worse for him—I guess props to Kanye for not irrationally getting Kris fired? Whatever, though; that's all in the past. 

The present is what's important, and at present, "Kimye" seems to be a go. And not just a speculative "go" based on rumor and innuendo, but there is actual dating being perpetrated. The pair were recently spotted together at the movies, where they went to see Hunger Games (in case you were wondering, even though I know you probably weren't).

Naturally, TMZ was on hand to capture the entire event, including the post-movie lunch date. God bless Harvey Levin.