WWE News: WWE Writers Irked by WrestleMania 28 Snub, Morale Low

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WWE News: WWE Writers Irked by WrestleMania 28 Snub, Morale Low
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While being a WWE writer once sounded like every fan's dream job, at this point enough stories have leaked out from former writers about the long hours, heavy road schedule and toxic political environment at America's No. 1 wrestling promotion to make being a WWE scribe sound less like a dream and more like a nightmare.

In this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter, things do not sound like they have gotten much better for members of the creative team, as Dave Meltzer reveals that most of the writers were not invited to the post-WrestleMania party, something that caused some friction backstage: 

Morale is low among members of the writing team after most were not invited to the post-WrestleMania party. The main writers we’re told were there, certainly Brian Gewirtz, Ed Koskey and Michael Hayes. But it hurt a lot of feelings.

Certainly, if interviews with ex-writers are anything to go by, morale is never very high on the creative team anyway, and something like this will only serve to be a bigger blow.

Why exactly the writers were excluded from the celebration remains to be the seen, but it seems like an unwise move from the company.

Inviting the writers to the party would have been a nice gesture of goodwill and made them feel like a true part of WWE; refusing to let them attend only serves to alienate and isolate them (over the years, numerous writers have quit the company, citing the politicking and the unwillingness of the wrestlers on the roster to accept them into the fold).     

Per a recent interview with Stephanie McMahon, there are currently a whopping 16 people on WWE's creative team, meaning quite a few folks were given the snub.

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