Moves The New York Mets Must Make

Gerard BarattaContributor IJanuary 20, 2009

As a Mets fan, the off-season started very hot (K-Rod and Putz) and now has come to a halt. It is indeed frustrating how a team that has choked two years in a row can sit back and relax this much when there are plenty of capable players out there.

I understand the Mets cannot simply spend about $400 million on arguably the top three free agents like the Yankees, and honestly I wouldn't want to win like that. In a way that is simply not creative. But, there are ways to fix this team without acting like a New York juggernaut.

First, sign Ben Sheets. The Mets cannot pull this on the cheap theme with another pitcher and especially not one who posted a 3.09 ERA last year and 190 innings (more than Perez). Give him what hes looking for two years at $9 million with an innings pitched option for a third year at $10-12 million range. His strikeout-to-walk ratio is sick and that is something that makes great playoff pitchers, forget Perez and his inconsistency. 

It is becoming more an more evident that the Mets will not just simply cut ties with Luis Castillo and pick up the energetic Orlando Hudson, whom I would love to see as a Met. So what Omar Minaya should do is sign Adam Dunn. There are rumors that people with knowledge to Dunn's situation would be surprised to see him get more than one year and maybe even $5 million in salary (too good to be true).

By doing this the Mets can move Daniel Murphy to second base and play him against right handers, while still using Castillo sparingly against tough left handers and even as a late-game defensive replacement.

And lastly let's not forget to add a good guy for the clubhouse in Kevin Millar. His "Cowboy Up" attitude will be the enthusiasm that these Mets need, in addition to his right handed bat off the bench. He wouldn't cost a lot.

These moves would greatly improve this Mets team at a low price and there would be no third choke in a row. Assuming the prices of these three free agents at top price according to rumors, the Mets can probably add them at a total of something like $21 million.

Sheets and Dunn at $9 million each and Millar at $3 million. What Met fan wouldn't sign up for this? Please wake up, Omar.