5 Compelling Reasons Why Wenger Won't Need to Buy New Players in the Summer

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5 Compelling Reasons Why Wenger Won't Need to Buy New Players in the Summer
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"One word for you IJ: Hypocrite!"

With this, a disgruntled reader breached that impregnable fortress called my Bulletin Board and, like the burglar is wont, when he or she barges uninvited into places better hallowed than violated, left behind the residues of his troubled self.

There was nothing to steal, no harm done.

I am sure  that later the burglar found the effort—the breaking in—worth more than the bargain. I'm glad, though, for this poor soul's troubles, for they made me pause to think. You see, for the life of me, I couldn't place this person’s problem.


I can only imagine he thinks he's had me caught—and red-handed too—talking transfers. This must be so, since anyone a little familiar with my articles knows I'm adverse to unbridled transfer spending.

But here I've been of late talking about buys Wenger could make to caulk any leaky hole in the squad.

Before I proceed to my subject, let me clear up a couple of things:

For those readers who already are touched by a tingling sense of discomfort by reason of my dredging up what apparently should be a private matter, it might profit them to remember that a Bulletin Board is hardly private property.

If the same person thinks this is a case of an unregulated ego rearing its head like Naja haje, the same should consider how this might be more aptly applied to the burglar of my "privacy" than to me.

He who roams about Cain-like being a troll betrays a severe need for Freud. Such people wander about grinning like the fools they are, thinking that by wrecking every public place they happen upon, they feed their ego peace of mind or hurt the person they troll. 

I am apt to think the reverse is the case.

Well-regulated individuals have no need of trolling.

Note though, that this isn't the same as saying there is no room for robust debate or disagreement. Heaven knows there is, but this is different than howling like a Werewolf during the full moon when a person encounters what he or she dislikes.

Now the second point.

Advocating prudence in transfer isn't the same thing as saying one is totally adverse to it. I have always maintained that transfers must be done wisely, that there are times it isn't wise to buy, times like the January transfer window, for example.

Moreover, my point has always been that buying doesn't end with the transfer fee. Wages must be accounted for. Besides, a bus-load of surplus players is often the first steps toward in-house mutiny—think Roberto Mancini, then Emmanuel Adebayor, then proceed to Wayne Bridge and Carlos Tevez.

But, I should leave burglars and apologies alone and launch into the topic proper.

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