WWE/TNA: Top 5 Differences Between the Wrestling Companies

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterApril 5, 2012

WWE/TNA: Top 5 Differences Between the Wrestling Companies

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    This is going to be a huge month in wrestling. April will be a very memorable 30 days for the industry. Each of the two big companies has a major event.

    Four days ago, WWE put on their annual WrestleMania show. In 10 days, TNA will have their Lockdown event. As bad as Impact has been recently, it is still a major show for them.

    With each promotion having a big PPV this month, I thought it'd be nice to look at the two in 2012. Heading into the middle of the year, here are just five differences between them!

5. Wrestling Doesn't Matter

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    For the record, I am discounting the tag team divisions in both companies. In 2012, WWE and TNA do not focus on them. Maybe in the past, but not anymore!

    Our first topic is about the "wrestling."

    Just watch the video I posted of Mick Foley in TNA last year. Yes, a few months later, he was in WWE. How ironic that is...

    WWE promotes entertainment. The word wrestling is no longer even in their name. The initials stand for WWE, and that is all.

    TNA promotes wrestling. Remember wrestling matters here! Yes, except for the majority of the talking segments and nonsense backstage.

    Vince McMahon openly says they are not about the action. Dixie Carter (of TNA) tries to convince her audience that they are total non-stop action.

    The fact is if you want lots of "wrestling," watch ROH!

    Both TNA and WWE are more about promos than matches. The big difference is WWE doesn't lie about that fact. TNA does.

4. Women

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    WWE barely promotes their women. It is a shame, but that is the reality.

    Eve Torres is doing some good work. Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly and Kharma are all sure to have great years. However, the time for them is always minimal.

    On the flip side, Impact does their Knockouts no favors.

    I am going to ignore the fact that a male is holding the Knockouts tag title. That is a laughable move on its own. The late 90's are gone folks!

    We all remember the great Lockbox Challenge. Feel free to watch the video above. It speaks for itself.

    Add the constant language used towards each other every show. Add in Taz trying his best to be Jerry Lawler from the Attitude Era. Add the constant, pointless title changes.

    The days of excellent matches from women on Thursday nights is over! Again, one division is all but ignored. The other airs tawdry commercials subjecting their women.

    I won't even mention the embarrassing pay scale in DixieLand.

3. Atmospheres

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    TNA has "cast members."

    At least that is what they what told before a taping in 2010. Yes, a man from backstage came out and said that!

    Being at a theme park in Orlando, their shows are taped 95 percent of the time. Very rarely do they go on the road live and draw a respectable audience. Lockdown will likely be the rare exception.

    The "cast members" do not pay admission. They get in for free. Most of them are tourists just to see Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and the Impact Zone regulars are just as bad.

    Just watch a TNA show, and you know what I mean.

    WWE shows are on the road year round from the United States to Mexico to Europe! They travel all around the world and actually charge their fans to watch them!

    You won't see them handing out four DVD's, a shirt and a program for $20. No, they actually get a decent amount of money from their fanbase.

    This week's Raw was a perfect example. You just won't find that anywhere else.

    Speaking of, didn't TNA tape this Monday and Tuesday night? I guess nobody showed up because I haven't read any spoilers yet...

2. Numbers

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    On Sunday, WrestleMania had over 78,000 fans live in Miami. Nearly $9 million was grossed in ticket sales and live gate alone.

    Add on shirts selling. Add on movies selling. Add on other merchandise. Add on the weeklong Axxess shows. That is a lot of money to make in seven days.

    WWE Raw this week garnered a 3.4 rating. It was the most watched show on cable on Monday night!

    On the flip side, we have TNA Impact Wrestling. I think that is their name, but nobody seems to know.

    Last month, TNA drew 350, 500, and 800 fans at three separate house shows. Profit or not, the second biggest wrestling company in the country shouldn't be happy with that.

    Last week, they received a 1.05 rating for Impact. Hulk Hogan was the focus, and other "big" names were on the show. I can't imagine many signings have given them much of a return the past few years.

    Finally, a recent TNA PPV got 8,000 buys. While I doubt it is true, an ESPN producer just said Mania on Sunday drew 1.9 million buys.

    Process that for a moment. If you believe the sources, 8,000 vs. 1,900,000...

1. Quality Shows

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    Ignore the wrestling action. Ignore the women segments. Ignore the taped show. Ignore the sad ratings from TNA. Ignore it all.

    WWE is simply much more entertaining to watch.

    Yes, it is just my opinion. However, numbers don't lie. While I did it today, the two are not even on the same wavelength. Not in any respectable fashion!

    WWE is up here.

    TNA is down here.

    Impact has some great talents in Austin Aries, James Storm, Bobby Roode and more, but that doesn't mean much when they are on horrible television. Talent only can go so far.

    WWE has John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, and many others in 2012.

    The part-time legends in TNA are a barely mobile Hulk Hogan, Sting and Ric Flair.

    The part-time legends in WWE are The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Triple H and Undertaker.

    I rest my case.

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