Orlando Magic: Dwight Howard Continues to Alienate Team, Coach Stan Van Gundy

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Orlando Magic: Dwight Howard Continues to Alienate Team, Coach Stan Van Gundy
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According to ESPN.com, the Orlando Magic's enigmatic center Dwight Howard reportedly asked management to fire head coach Stan Van Gundy. 

This news broke Thursday morning when Van Gundy told Orlando Sentinel reporters after the team's practice that he knew that Howard asked the team to let him go. 

As if Howard has not caused enough distraction this season, here he goes again.

Blasting teammates was not enough, apparently. Now he wants to trash his own coach.

Even if Howard does indeed want Van Gundy out, why would he ever want this to go public? 

The craziest part of Howard's behavior is that he actually feels like he is loved and revered by Orlando fans because he "opted to stay" for one more season.

What he really did was tell fans that they should get used to the drama, because at this time next year, they will be in the same place. Howard will leak teams he might consider playing for, teams to whom he may like to be traded and particular cities he would enjoy.

Asking for the head coach to be fired is a very bold thing to do. Not only are you undermining the coach's authority and competence, you tell your teammates that you are not on board anymore.

The best thing for Orlando, sorry to say, is to let their bi-polar talent leave. If I were Orlando's Management, I would be listening to all offers as soon as trades can resume this offseason.  

Van Gundy said he knew Howard wanted him out, and he made it seem like he has known it all season long. Maybe that is the only reason Howard wants out.

My guess is that Van Gundy will be gone by the weekend, and Howard will still put the Magic through this same circus again next year.

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